Lamley Saturday Showcase: My Favorite Hot Wheels Kmart Exclusives

In honor of the last Kmart Collectors Day in 2017, I thought I might show some of my favorite Kday models from the last few years.


3 Replies to “Lamley Saturday Showcase: My Favorite Hot Wheels Kmart Exclusives”

  1. I’m surprised by how many of these I actually have. I’ve never ordered a Kmart case, and I’ve kind of just always wandered into a Kmart around when Kdays happen, and have been fortunate to score many of these (some of which I completely forgot were even Kmart exclusives to begin with). Those days are over unfortunately, as there are no Kmarts left near me. I’d certainly have loved to have the red RX-7s, for example, but when ordering a case was the only way to get them, sadly they’ll remain absent from my collection.

    The Civic side-by-side was helpful to see the variance in color…the difference is a little more pronounced than I initially thought, but still not enough to me. And anyway, the debut is more authentic to the actual color the real Civic came in. Anyway, nice to see these cars together.

  2. Yes. The white Corvette. It’s also one of my favorite Corvettes from Hot Wheels. They’re getting hard to find but I’m happy enough to own two of them.

  3. Absolutely smitten by the red FD, but I’m glad I imported 2 of them as the one I opened lost the gold trim around the wheel in general handling. Very disappointing.

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