Saturday Showcase: Hot Wheels One-and-Done Models

This could be a fun topic.  There is a whole subset of Hot Wheels One-and-Done models throughout it’s 50 years.  Try and think of a few.  I did, and made some of the recent licensed O-&-D’s my Saturday Showcase:

I have already been reminded of one in my collection that I forgot, the ’77 Mustang.  Drat.  There could very well be others.  There are surely a ton that aren’t in my collection.

I included those that had a recolor in the same series, same year, as long as they were not released any other time.  Obviously an arguable point, but it is interesting to see the many cool models that only had one moment in the sun.


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  1. This is another one I lucked out on. Picked it up at the hobby store and never saw another one anywhere else.

  2. When I was still attempting to be a Retro Entertainment completest I picked up an Agera. I saw one day that the prices had jumped quite a bit so I decided to sell it. I think I got $32 for it before shipping and ebay fees and I was pretty proud of myself. It wasn’t a car I enjoyed.
    Worse than selling it too soon was the fact that I left about a dozen of them on the pegs.
    You never know what’s going to get hot in this hobby.

    1. Yeah, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pick up at least a couple extra Ageras when they were peg-warming. My only example is loose, and I’d love to have a couple carded ones to make an easy $150-200 from. It all seems silly to me because it’s really not a good casting.

  3. I’m happy to have most of these…I think the only ones that were shown that I’m missing are the pair of classic racing ones, which is fine because those aren’t really my jam. I’d hesitate to call either of them one & done anyway…it may be true that they’re the only ones that have those specific spoilers/hood scoops, but I’m not sure that qualifies. At any rate, I’d love to see any of these reintroduced to the lineup. Some are obviously more likely than others to return, but it’s a damn shame some of them haven’t gotten more attention from Mattel.

  4. Yeah.. when Ferrari’s were plentiful it wasn’t unusual to see the Ferris California hanging around. Back then at that time, you’d never think Ferrari would pull the plug on Mattel. I remember thinking how you could leave the Ferris California on the pegs because you’d know it’ll still be there when you got back.
    I also remember the Hart to Hart Dino 246 GTS being one of the last premium Ferrari castings to gather dust and some stores couldn’t get rid of them.

    1. I bought a few of each of them as wheel donors back in the day. I guess I should rewheel them and gift them on as ROAKs for people who don’t have a 250 Cali or a 246 Dino.

  5. Hm, from those kind of models in my collection that i can remember:

    Semi Fast II – released in 2008 in red and purple, no news since then.

    Bad Mudder – released in 1998 in white and never will be again because of license problems

    A Team Van (don’t know if that may count) – released in 2011 in mainline and in 2013 in retro entertainment

    Studa-Beaker – came out only once in 2009 in classics series 5

    That’s all I can remember (guess I shouldn’t mention any generics here)

  6. Wow, I would love to have that Agera! I never remember seeing it in stores. I’m kicking myself for not picking up some of those Entertainment Ferraris when I had the chance. I just didn’t care about the entertainment featured on card, but that wouldn’t matter once the car was freed from the package.

  7. Alfa Romeo BAT is for “Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica”. There were 3 different cars built in the 50’s, designed by Bertone as studies of aerodynamics on the car.

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