Saturday Showcase: Japanese/JDM cars by Matchbox

Yeah, it is Sunday, but I hope you can forgive me on still calling it a Saturday Showcase.  Especially because I think this is a good showcase.

It is also another Lamley showcase on Japanese cars, but I hope you can forgive me for that too.  But with three Japanese cars in the Matchbox F Case – Mazda CX-5, Subaru WRX, and Datsun 510 – and two Japanese cars – Mazda Miata, Nissan Skyline – out or coming out in 9-packs, it seemed like a good time to throw out an update on some of the Japanese cars Matchbox has made in the last few years.

So that is what I did:

4 Replies to “Saturday Showcase: Japanese/JDM cars by Matchbox”

  1. It is a piss poor show on mattels part for UK showing of the matchbox brand. It deserves so much more coverage. It’s a joke when the 65th sapphire models are 3 yank tanks and a German vw golf!?!?! History has been shat on from a great height for this brand! Hotwheels fan? Come to uk and get them half price and they are every f**king where you go. Mattel, England is still around!! History?! Outside usa borders.

  2. Then again kids and adults now are probably going matchbox who?! Mattel cut the the home link years ago. Hotwheels generation has sporned. It’s so sad to see the execution of a great company on it’s own soil. It’s just a big boys club now! And certain individuals get all! And some profiteer from the brand! How sad. Once a row people’s company.

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