Lamley Saturday Showcase: The Hot Wheels Skyline Family grows with the R33

Two new Skylines in 2018, so far.  C210 and Hakosuka Wagon still to come.  For now, here is everyone I have, which coincides with everyone released, except for a few R32.


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  1. Nice video! I am just returning to collecting after a long hiatus (having a grandson who love orange track will do that to a guy!). Your videos are proving very expensive for me, as I find that I have to go searching for all the cool castings and liveries I missed.

  2. It’s a shame you’re doing so many videos. I really enjoyed the write ups and photography, and I don’t have time to watch these very often. Not a huge fan of the switch to video, i would appreciate more articles.

    1. Hey Lucas I promise more photo features are coming. The month of October has been all travel, and I have only gotten time for one real photo session the last few weeks. One session was all of the upcoming Car Culture which I will show when I get closer to the release dates, and the other was last week, which allowed for the Skyline photo feature I did on Friday. Photo sessions take a lot longer so I have been thankful to be able to at least throw a video together quickly to keep the content coming.

      I haven’t even had time to get photos together for the Lamley Daily feature, but that is returning. My schedule should be calming down a bit.

    1. Realistic? The existing one is spot-on 1:64, almost exactly the same size (but more bulky because of the body kit) as the Kyosho R32 casting.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a new R32 casting though, especially if it was the same size/scale as the Tomica R32 castings. Not stock though, stock isn’t what Hot Wheels are known for and only ever represents a dilution of what the brand represents. Leave stock/boring stuff for MBX.

  3. really cool to see all of your skyline collection…
    only got a few of them cause I just started collecting hotwheels recently…

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