Saturday Showcase: All the Hot Wheels Gulf Racing Models

Hard to say what car themed deco looks best on a Hot Wheels.  I can make arguments for BRE, Mooneyes, Falken, and Advan.  But the most iconic is probably Gulf Racing.

There might have been some Hot Wheels Gulf Racing models in the past, but lately Hot Wheels has been on a tear.  Several this year following a few RLC and others.  So I decided to pull them all out and have a look.

Your favorite?  And what existing HW casting would be your choice to sport the Gulf deco next?  Enjoy the video.


6 Replies to “Saturday Showcase: All the Hot Wheels Gulf Racing Models”

  1. Answer to question A: 1st-Drag Bus, baddest looking vehicle I have ever seen, check out those rear tires. 2nd-Rocker Oil, what makes this look special to me is that gas pump in the rear, and something cool about the front wheels. 3rd-the Copo Camaro, looks amazing, would have been my first choice if I didn’t see those first two I mentioned. The Porsche 993 yes……but for some reason Gulf to me fits better on US market vehicles, no offense to the other markets.
    Answer to question B: Ford Shelby Cobra, Dodge Viper SRT, ’68 Mercury Cougar, ’68 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S, and why not the 2016 Ford GT Race since they made all the rest of the GT’s. How about that Land Rover Defender Double Cab? Now I am contradicting myself.Thanks for reading.

  2. There was a 4 car (baggie) promo set from the 90’s I believe and they all had the Gulf logo/livery. A) Blimp B) Peterbilt Tank Truck C) Indy Racer D) T-Bird. Do these count?

  3. Answer 1: 67 Camaro.
    Answer 2: I just watched the McLaren documentary and its amazing. I’d love to see the Gulf racing livery on a re-tooled McLaren M6A, but if not that a McLaren F1 GTR.

  4. I like the 917 the best, but I would have preferred it in Enamel instead of Spectraflame. Hot Wheels should do any Porsche and/or any Ford GT40/GT in Gulf colors

  5. I like em all. I would like HOTWHEELS to consider an RLC version of:
    1) Motorcycle
    2) Gas Tanker
    3) A Ship That transport Gulf oil.
    4) & Anything with “”GULF”” & “”HOTWHEELS”” on it. Please make em an RLC EXCLUSIVE: They all will sellout fast.

  6. I like the white Gulf Corvette most because of its peculiarity. Hot Wheels should do a Corvette C6.R in the signature powder blue and orange Gulf colors with Real Riders.

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