Saturday Showcase: The Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R goes premium with the 2019 Toy Fair and TFox releases.

I’ve discussed the Nissan GT-R 1/64 overkill in previous posts, so let’s stay focused on how nice the Hot Wheels ’17 GT-R casting really is.  It was one of my favorite new models in 2017, and two more versions just dropped in the last couple of weeks.

Not that either will be hard to get.  One is a TFox exclusive, made for social media celebrity Tanner Fox to sell on his site ($120 each, but sold out), and the other is the 2019 Toy Fair model, given to retail reps at the 2019 Mattel Toy Fair and never made available at retail.

If you are a GT-R completist like me, you might want to pursue them.  If not, you can see them here, along with all the other GT-R releases by Hot Wheels, including the earlier 2009 version.  Enjoy:

2 Replies to “Saturday Showcase: The Hot Wheels Nissan GT-R goes premium with the 2019 Toy Fair and TFox releases.”

  1. Wow! I had no idea Hot Wheels had released so many versions of the R35 GT-R. I honestly can’t remember if I picked up the debut white and red models in 2009. It is definitely a model I would have wanted, but they’re not ringing a bell. As for the others, I don’t have any of the premiums, the wheel variations or the earlier Fast & Furious releases. I do however have this year’s F&F model as well as the orange and gray 2017 MY castings released last year.

    When I heard they were doing the Guaczilla for 2019, at first I scratched my head. Then I Googled it and became pretty excited. I have to say the color fade did’t turn out as good as I would have hoped for. And there is no way I’m spending $120 on a single Hot Wheels model! Wasn’t the Guaczilla going to be a mainline?

    The Toy Fair model is easily the nicer of the two. I still won’t be paying what I can only imagine are triple digit prices for that one. I’ll just enjoy through Lamley and be happy with the “lesser” versions I do own.

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