Saturday Showcase: Matchbox ’85 Toyota 4Runner

I figured it has been awhile since I jumped into Matchbox for the Saturday Showcase, and I think I picked a good one.  Mattel and Toyota must be on a break, because it has been awhile since we have seen anything new Toyota-wise.  So that means we look at previous releases.

And while Hot Wheels has produced some memorable Toyotas, you can’t ignore Matchbox, especially in the off-road department.  FJ40, two Tacomas, and this beauty.  Enjoy:

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  1. SO close to having all the releases…I’m only lacking the tan one, which is a shame because it’s true that it’s one of the best. This truck suffers from the model shrinkage that larger vehicles have to undergo to stay at Mattel’s price limit, so I wish it were bigger, but the casting itself is spot-on.

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