Lamley Daily, Schuco

Lamley Daily: Schuco BMW 2800

It’s hard to put my finger on just why I love this old Schuco but love it I do. I’m not sure I even recall where I got it from. But it’s always been close to hand, on show somewhere.

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Lamley Daily, Mini GT

Lamley Daily: Mini GT BMW M3 E30 #42

Model: BMW M3 E30 #42 Release: Mini GT Hong Kong Exclusive 56 Where to get it: SURPLUSgoodies Why I am featuring it: I had to get this one when I saw it. I was really impressed with this new BMW tooling from Mini GT when I got the first release in plain white. This version […]

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Bargain Alert: BMW M Car Collection

Ok, this really is a PSA. This set is/was sold at BMW dealerships. But, as of the moment that I am writing this, there are a few on eBay and they are a great price. These cars are extremely well done for how inexpensive they are making the set a great value. Especially if you […]

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Lamley Daily, Matchbox

Lamley Daily: 2018 Matchbox BMW i8

#lamleydaily – May 2, 2018 Model: Matchbox BMW i8 Line: 2018 Matchbox Mainline Where to get it: Hitting stores this summer. Why it will be in the collection: Here is the (essentially) finished Matchbox BMW i8.  Somewhat expected after the release of the i3, but exciting nonetheless.  From what I understand, the BMW i8 has […]

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Here is how the Matchbox BMW i8 is coming along.

It was definitely a crowd-pleaser when it was announced last July.  When the Matchbox Team unveiled its plans for 2018 at last year’s Gathering of Friends Convention, there was a lot to get excited about.  The BMW i8 was in the middle of it all. First off, after Matchbox debuted the i3 in 2017, the […]

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