Bargain Alert: BMW M Car Collection

Ok, this really is a PSA. This set is/was sold at BMW dealerships. But, as of the moment that I am writing this, there are a few on eBay and they are a great price. These cars are extremely well done for how inexpensive they are making the set a great value. Especially if you like BMWs.  

This set contains four premium detailed 1/64 scale BMW M cars. The paint quality is really good, the tires are rubber, the wheels are prototypical, and the lights are inserts. They do have plastic bases but they still have some weight to them. Overall, they are very impressive looking little models. 

As far as I know, these are brandless which is why this set is flying under the radar (until now). Take a look at the pictures. I also featured these on a YouTube video. So if you’re not into it, cool. If you are, snag up the few that are left on eBay.

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  1. I found a set for $24 from a BMW dealer here in the US from your link; shipping included. These definitely blow HW (and, well, basically every maker found in US department stores) out of the water! And for about the same price as a HW Premium set.

    Well, I see my “only emergency vehicles and heavy equipment” focus going out the window again. But, for the price, it’s really hard to resist. Now to finally get those Subaru promo models. My dealer doesn’t even carry them.

  2. I picked up one of these sets last year and completely agree with Cody and the author. Wonderful detailed set well worth $30.00

  3. Please stop using the word prototypical to descripe accurate replicas of mass produced car wheels. 😉

    That aside – I have this set, there’s another set I’ve been trying to get my hands on but can’t seem to order from my BMW dealer. There are also similar individually boxed replicas of i8, i3, M4 DTM car and various BMW MINIs available from some BMW/MINI dealers, if you ask nicely and the planets align.

  4. the way, you’re unlikely to find this set at your BMW dealer now unless they have old stock, they were first issued over two years ago.

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