Collecting the BMW 2002: Hot Wheels, Kyosho, and soon…

There are some icons that every collector needs.  Sure, collect what you want, blah blah blah, but if you are more into replicas of little cars than hunting chases, there are a few cars you have to have.  The list can get long, but it goes from certain Camaros to Mustangs to Corvettes to Skylines to Porsches to Ferraris and on and on.  In that list?  The BMW 2002.

The 2002 isn’t as well represented in small scale as other cars, but it is starting to catch up.  I have had twin 2002’s from Kyosho for a very long time, and they are beautiful.


In terms of pure realism, these can’t be beat.  Not only in the details of the casting, but how the cars sit.  These two weren’t easy to acquire, but they have taken a special place in my collection for years.

Of course having that pair didn’t stop me from wanting to see what Hot Wheels and Matchbox could do.  That is finally being realized.  Of course Hot Wheels has had a racing style 2002 for several years now, but it finally hit its potential in the Entertainment Forza line.  Full premium, finally.


And it looks great with the last Forza BMW:


Which leaves one other brand.  The BMW 2002 has been VERY high on my Matchbox want list, only because it seems a stock 2002 from Matchbox is a no-brainer.  Finally, it’s coming.


Photos are taken, but not ready to post just yet.  I’m just glad it’s coming.

4 Replies to “Collecting the BMW 2002: Hot Wheels, Kyosho, and soon…”

  1. Jon is right, we’ll be lucky to get these in the UK unless we pay silly money to internet sellers with their outrageous mark up, postage, and then import taxes. Just not worth worrying about, just another one that we’ll never get to own.

  2. Those are some beautiful Kyoshos. For me, I’ll have to be content with the upcoming Hot Wheels Replica Entertainment release. A bit oversized when viewed beside the Kyosho, but a very cool 2002 in its own right. And yes, it will look great next to the earlier 3.0 CSL.

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