Lamley Daily: Werk83 BMW 318i BTCC

Model: Werk83 BMW 3-Series E36

Release: BTCC 1993 Champion – Joachim Winkelhock

eBay link: Werk83 BMW 318i

Why I’m featuring it: It’s a BTCC car! Despite the glut of great new touring car models on the market, including 1990s Super Tourers, it seems that no one is much interested in recreating the many machines that fought for British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) honours in the 1990s. We saw the ’94 Volvo 850 Estate from Tarmac Works a couple of years ago and that’s about it, aside from contemporary models like the Matchbox Ford Mondeo.

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Now comes Jo Winkelhock’s 1993 title-winning BMW 318i from Werk83, a new name to me but a brand created by Christoph Krombach of the popular German store CK Modelcars. Not that they sell this one, mind – I got mine from Tokyo Station. Werk83 is better known for larger-scale models than 1:64.

Where the casting originated, remains a mystery at the time of writing. One possibility is that it’s the Tarmac mold. If you can add to any of my information here, please do so in the comments below. Certainly, the packaging is pretty much identical to TW, with a plastic base, crystal case and cardboard sleeve. And it doesn’t roll at all, much like most Hobby64s!

Also available are street versions of the E36 M3 and the 320i race car of Christian Menzel, as campaigned in the STW (German Super Touring series) in Jägermeister colours.

For the Winkelhock car, build quality seems high and the all-over Fina/Warsteiner deco is nicely done. I paid CAD 28 for this premium model (about USD 23) and that seems fair given tiny details like the front and rear tow hooks that I’m sure I’ll break off at some point!

Decals are supplied to convert the model into the #6 sister car of Steve Soper, which should please my fellow British race fans even more. Personally, I’m torn, I think I’ll leave it in Winkelhock colours for now.

Joachim Winkelhock, BMW Motorsport Team, BMW 318i, leads team mate Steve Soper during
BTCC Round 3 at Snetterton on May 03, 1993 (Photo by LAT Images)

To finish, I thought I’d bring out another classic Fina-backed, BMW-engined machine – the Kyosho McLaren F1 GTR representing the 1996 Le Mans car of BMW touring car legend Johnny Cecotto, Danny Sullivan and Brabham-BMW F1 World Champion, Nelson Piquet.

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That’s your lot. I sound like a broken record but let’s hope we see some more BTCC machinery soon. An Inno Nissan Primera would be nice. Happy hunting!

(find Werk83 BMW 318i on eBay)

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