Lamley Daily: Schuco BMW 2800

Model: Schuco BMW 2800

Line: Schuco mainline, 1970s

eBay link: Schuco BMW 2800

Why I am featuring it: It’s hard to put my finger on just why I love this old Schuco but love it I do. I’m not sure I even recall where I got it from. But it’s always been close to hand, on show somewhere.

And it’s a rather strange little diecast if you look closeley, as it’s masquerading as 2 vehicles: the BMW 2500 and the BMW 2800 Coupes.

The BMW 2500/2800 were both part of the E3 or “New Six” model lineup produced from 1968 to 1977. All models used the new M30 straight-six engine and were instrumental in cementing the reputation of BMW as a builder of sporty and luxurious saloon cars.

The Schuco version replicates both the 2.5 litre and 2.8 litre coupe models, and in a really cool touch, provides the technical details of both on a nicely detailed chassis.

The older Schucos are super collectible, and for the era, surprisingly well detailed and furnished with opening doors and sprung suspension. It’s got the ever present Schuco quality. And even though the interior isn’t the most lavishly detailed thing, love the colour contrast with white exterior.

And the exterior is handsome, and very well proportioned. I love how the German style number plates have been replicated and the detail on the front; the famous “Kidney Grille” and the twin headlights have been well cast. And I love the patina on mine. I gently cleaned it and left it, as it’s obviously provided someone with good memories, and it continues to by being an omnipresent part of my collection. I’m holding onto this one.

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  1. I still have the old Schucos I got at Marshall Fields back when I was a kid.

    Since I was a “collector” even back then, the cars are still in mint condition in their little plastic boxes with the original piece of pink sponge on the inside that keeps them from rattling around loose.

    My favorites are the Ferrari Formula 2 car and the metallic green 1st gen Ford Escort.

    You are correct…there is just “something” about these little old Schucos!


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