Six months later: a Tarmac Works Owners Club update

Back in February I wrote about joining the Tarmac Works Owners Club (TWOC) and ordering a batch of models from the Tarmac website. Six months have passed, and I recently received a package from Tarmac in Hong Kong, so time for an update.

You may remember that my TWOC model of the Pagani Zonda Cinque came with a misaligned rear wing. Tarmac’s customer service department said at the time that they’d replace it; it took five months, but the new part finally arrived a few weeks ago. The difference is more noticeable from where I’m sitting but hopefully you can see it in this picture (that’s the straight one on the right).

The Cinque looks a whole lot better with its new part fitted.

(find Tarmac Zonda Cinque on eBay)

This remains an attractive model. Reading comments online, I think some collectors are disappointed with engine-bay detail painting that’s limited to a patch of silver – an understandable criticism given the model’s price point, but the finish is indicative of the Pagani’s Global64 origins, I assume. Perhaps the bigger question is whether a high-end Hobby64 model would have been more appropriate as the club model.

The other part of my package from Tarmac was the long-awaited TWOC membership card. My understanding is that a number of these were delayed due to quality control issues with the carbon fiber. Was it worth the wait? I’m not convinced – it’s a fun item but printing black text on a black card is surely the wrong call. It’s pretty much illegible.

Now to the big question: how many more 10%-discounted Tarmac Works models have I bought from the webstore with my TWOC membership? Er, none! Most of the 2021 releases since February just haven’t sparked my interest – certainly not with the high shipping charge across the Pacific, which unfortunately remains at $30.

We’ve had yet more RWB Porsches and GT-Rs, neither of which float my boat. The C 63 AMG Coupé looks nice but isn’t what I collect – not even the Lamley version! – and I have other DTM Mercedes 190s already in my collection. But many recent releases have sold out, so Tarmac must be doing something right.

I have bought some models from Tokyo Station here in Canada, though. The collaborations with other diecast brands are the most interesting thing that Tarmac Works is doing at the moment, in my opinion – check out Alex’s recent piece on the Schuco x Tarmac VWs, for example. I have pre-ordered two Schuco collaborations of my own – the upcoming Monte Carlo Rally versions of the Mk1 Golf GTI and BMW 2002. I’ve also picked up the Keating/Bleekemolen Wynn’s Mercedes-AMG GT3, though it’s yet to arrive.

I really hope we see more new castings from Tarmac Works in the rest of the year. The Hilux race truck is a very cool addition to the line and I know that more than a few collectors are keen to see how the finished Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth compares with the imminent Inno64 version.

I’ll be sure to show any further Tarmac Works models as they arrive and will be back at the end of the year to assess the full 12 months of TWOC experience. Happy collecting!

(find Tarmac Works 1:64 on eBay)

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