Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Premium BMW M1 Motul

Model: Hot Wheels BMW M1 Procar

Release: Premium 2-Pack, Pack 8(?)

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Why I’m featuring it: Despite some disappointment around the reuse of previous decos, the Hot Wheels Premium/Car Culture 2-Packs have flown off the shelves since their introduction last year. In fact, I’ve yet to see one in a store at all – I’m very grateful to my friend Stefan for finding the models you’ll see in this article.

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Up to now I’ve not felt the need to hunt any of the 2-Packs down, but that’s all changed with Pack 8. Note, Pack 8 is the name used in the Mattel Store, but Pack 7 makes more sense based on the pack codes in this mix and on the card back below. I’ve also seen it called the Group 5 pack, but that’s not accurate. Whatever it’s called, its race and rally theme is right up my alley.

The new release here is the BMW M1 Procar in Motul livery.

As you can see in the picture below, the model is based on a rally car not a race car.

Bernard Béguin and Jean-Jacques Lenne drove the Motul-backed machine on rallies in France and Belgium throughout 1983 and ’84, grabbing a couple of wins but retiring more often than not. BASF’s concentric circles are my favourite real-life M1 paint scheme, but Béguin’s Motul stripes still look great.

Strangely, #8 was never among the entry numbers used on the real car; perhaps there’s another reason why it was chosen for the model. The BMW did use Pirelli tires, though.

I’m a fan of this Mark Jones M1 casting, which makes its fourth appearance here in Pack 8. It’s the first in three years following the Cars & Donuts debut in 2017, Euro Speed in 2018 and the limited-run Anti Social Social Club edition from 2019.

Of those I only have the Cars & Donuts version in classic white with BMW Motorsport stripes, which dates from before Car Culture releases were given all-over deco. As such, the Motul’s front and rear detailing is a huge improvement. Wheel-wise I’d have kept the Double 7-Spokes from that first release but the Aeros on the Motul car do look cool.

I don’t have many M1s in my collection but for comparison, here’s the Matchbox effort from the early-80s. As you can see, it has that over-wide look typical of Matchbox castings from the period (see also Ferrari 308 GTB, Datsun 280ZX, etc).

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I also thought it’d be fun to line up the M1 with another Motul-backed Béguin/Lenne rally car, the E30 M3 that they drove to their only WRC victory, in Corsica in 1987 (also Prodrive’s first in the WRC), as modeled here by Tarmac Works. It’s a beautiful car, I just wish it rolled!

The other model in this 2-Pack is the Lancia Stratos Group 5. This release is a repeat of last year’s Boulevard but fixes the problem of the narrow rear wheel on the original issue.

I think you’ll agree, it looks a whole letter better with that wide rear arch filled.

There’s a switch from four-spoke to six-spoke Real Riders but they still look decent – in a perfect world I think I’d take the front rims from the first model and the rears from the new one!

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Before we finish, Stefan also grabbed me the stock cars pack in the same batch.

These heavy, old-school, NASCAR-style models look great in new, all-over decos, albeit fictitious ones. There’s a ’69 Ford Torino Talladega in blue and ’66 Chevy Chevelle in gold.

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That’s all for now. Hope you find either or both of these packs, they’re worth the hunt. Failing that, there’s always eBay. Happy hunting!

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  1. This is one of those packs that I’d buy just for one of the two cars, and that’s the M1. I think the execution is near spot-on and it looks superb, except for the wheels. I feel that these wheels, although appropriate in design, are a bit too large in diameter with very low profile tyres, and the M1 Procar needs high profile tyres with more classic wheels like those BBS-style ones on the original Car Culture release. I should also give it -1 point for no side mirrors but hey, let’s not get overly critical, I think this is a great release. I love the real M1 and I like this model, and I really should try to obtain one before they become hard (and expensive) to get again.

    Also, thanks for covering this one. I feel these cars don’t get enough attention, and it’s fun to go back and read these articles that I perhaps missed back then.

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