Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels California Customs BMW E30 Convertible

Model: BMW Convertible

Line: California Customs

Ebay link: California Customs BMW

Turn the boombox up and check your Kani jeans, we’re going back in time a little bit. And you may want to adjust the brightness on your screens….!

Hot Wheels’ 1990-91 California Customs line featured some awesome models including a Cobra, a ’34 Ford and a Corvette funny car. And all featured quintessentially late 80s/early 90s paintjobs, and came with a plastic badge and a set of lairy stickers including, of course, “TURBO” decals and stick on road signs pointing to Malibu Beach. The coolest of the lot though, to me, was always the BMW E30 Convertible.

I don’t know whether it’s the paintjob or the fact I’m a bit of a sucker for older German cars, but when I saw pics of these as a kid I was hooked. And I still am. It’s bright, gaudy and very cool.

The choice of an E30 is perfect, the car was very popular with tuners and customisers in Europe and the US. The casting itself is pretty basic, but coupled with that livery, the body kit and those insanely 90s wheels, it’s a winner.

It embodies the custom car culture of the era, wild colours, candy paint, body kits from companies like Zender, Kamei and Rieger. They say that fashion and trends go in circles, and if you’ve ever been on the RADwood group on Facebook, then you’ll know this sort of thing is becoming cool once more. And there’s no complaints from me about that.

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  1. Having lived the 90’s, I can attest to this being an accurate depiction of the era. Okay, maybe turned up to max. While it all seemed oh so very cool at the time, in retrospect, all I can say is, “Yikes”!

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