The full Monte: Schuco × Tarmac Works BMW 2002 Monte Carlo versions

Another month, another Schuco × Tarmac collaboration, another killer pair of diecasts. The standard Schuco BMW 2002 is already such an awesome car in its own right, and the Tarmac touches on these two take the casting to a new level. The latest collaboration effort brings us two Monte Carlo Rally competitors from the 1969 and 1973 events. The no.115 BMW Alpina Team car of Rob Slotemaker and Ferry Van Der Geest that finished 7th overall and 1st in class in 1969.

And the Jagermeister liveried 2002 from the 1973 event of Wolfgang Stiller and Axel Wagener which was a DNF, probably explaining the complete lack of photographs of the real car in action, bar one poor quality very very low-res and compressed shot!

I did warn you it was low res!

Both cars have never been replicated in 1/64 and I can think of no finer pair of brands to bring them to small scale other than Schuco and Tarmac. These two are brilliant.

The Monte Carlo additions go beyond the liveries with new wheels, spotlights, roll-cages and number plates now featuring to really hammer home these aren’t any ordinary Schuco 2002s.

As is the norm for any Schuco and Tarmac product, quality and attention to detail is superb. Decals are sharp, paint is thick and glossy and the quality control is fantastic.

I love these two, and even though I prefer the less busy livery of the Slotemaker/Van Der Geest car, it’s only by a hair’s breadth over the iconic Jagermeister orange on the Stiller/Wagener car. These are serious must haves for any collector let alone a BMW or rally fanatic.

Schuco and Tarmac are churning out some beautiful metal almost monthly now, so no doubt I’ll be blown away again by another piece of diecast, and no doubt I’ll be back to share the well earned hyperbole.

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