2002 reasons to collect Schuco…

One of the models I’ve been eagerly waiting for since it was first previewed has been the Schuco BMW 2002. You’ll know by now my love for Schuco, and my love for old German cars, so this is a bit of a match made in heaven for me.

The BMW 2002 came about totally by accident, when two BMW executives installed 2 litre engines into their 1600s. Realising they’d both made the same modification, they approached the BMW board with a proposal to manufacture a 2 litre version of the 1600. US BMW importer Max Hoffman was already looking for a faster 02 series car for the American market, so the proposal made perfect sense to the top brass. Production was given the go ahead in 1968. Basic single carb models made 99bhp, while the the dual carb ti and fuel injected tii made 118bhp and 128bhp respectively. The 2002 also became BMW’s first production turbocharged model with the addition of the legendary Turbo model in 1973.

Schuco’s version is finished in gorgeous BMW Colorado Orange, and it’s the perfect colour for the first release. It looks stunning. And in a nod to company heritage, it’s the same shade of orange as seen on one of the vintage 1/66 variants from the 1970s.

As expected from Schuco there’s a great level of detail, from the BMW badges on the faithfully replicated wheels, the 2002 badging on the rear, the clear head and tail lights, the little exhaust back box, it’s all there. Paint quality is top notch and decals are sharp and perfectly positioned. The car rolls perfectly on treaded rubber tyres, and is a great diecast to handle too, with a solid, quality feel to it.

Schuco are, in my opinion, the Tomica Limited Vintage/Vintage Neo of Europe. The quality is right up there, and not having TLV levels of exclusivity means they are still fantastic value for money: the RRP for the 2002 is a very wallet friendly €10.99

This 2002 is yet more testament to what Schuco are capable of and a fine start to the year for the German band. And there’s more to come from the casting as it will be one of the models forming part of the Paper Box line coming later this year, in a rather lovely Fjord Blue shade.

And as we know, the 2002 isn’t the only BMW coming, Schuco also have the E36 M3 approaching fast in the rear view mirror. If you haven’t had a look at their offerings in the past, 2021 is set to be a great year to become a Schuco collector….

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  1. My first two Schucos were the Mercedes Unimog and Porsche 918 Spyder, and I was very impressed with both. However, I do wish they would get away from the screwed down base feature as the Porsche had a wobbly front wheel that was hard to correct.

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