The BMW 1M returns in the latest batch of Matchbox 9-packs

I got a text early this morning from my friend Ace telling me to check out one of his local Walmarts if I had the chance. I was going to be in that are today so I went and looked. I am glad I did.

Two new 9-packs, both of interest.

The first I am way excited about. The BMW 1M, a favorite of mine, is back, and it is one of the best releases so far. Grey with gunmetal rims. It looks fantastic.

The second is also interesting. The Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is the exclusive, but this one also houses the brand new Plymouth Police car, which I can’t wait to check out a little more.

Features coming. In the meantime, get to your Walmart.

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  1. The M1 is ok but not alone, there are some nice models but the Jeep 9pk every model is a good casting. I will get that. Want to bring up a couple HWs 5pks. I know you did a truck 5pk. Not sure what was in it but I seen two one is probably the one you previewed but the other one I’m sure many will like is one that has a 65 convertable Mustang in white but the model that is a gem is a 62 Chevy P/U in matte black w/purple flames and rims. This truck looks so good as is. The other truck 5pk I thought many of them would look awesome with wheel swaps. Keep your eye out.

  2. The 9/10 packs have Improved a lot. For realism and licensed cars. The mini …. why NY taxi theme?! The few selected euro style and paint it like that?!..Then again its probably a sign to say that these are staying at 9 packs amongst other signs pointing up at UK…. GREAT JOB Mattel.!…👍👍👍👍👍👏👏😁

  3. Finally they made the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk in one of its signature colors! Love that copper! The BMW 1M is okay, I’ve been much better colors but this will do. Also, I’m glad to see another color of the Audi RS6 Avant in blue. However, is that one of those repeat releases that you were talking about where they take an old livery from years ago and re-release it due to the restriction of skews that Matchbox can release in a year? That’s called a carry-forward skew. I looked up the video that mentioned you talking about it. Because that color looks a lot like the one from 2009 except with different wheels. The old one had 6-spokes.

  4. Why do Mattel release a new BMW and then pack the rest of the case with releases that we may already have ? To get the BMW you have to spend money on cars that have previously been sold months ago, not to worry as we don’t get these 9 packs in the UK anyway.

  5. Is that the new ’57 Dodge police car in the bottom left corner of the pack with the Jeep exclusive? It looks great with what looks to be a chrome base! Finally a classic car with its due chrome treatment!

  6. It’s pretty disappointing to continue to see 9 packs full of models I’ve already found as singles and 5-packs (after significant effort due to spotty distribution), especially when they still cost the same or more than the 10-packs did, which was more than singles even then.

    1. How long have you been following or buying 5 packs? They have been this way since they first came out. For a couple of years we did get an exclusive pack but other than that the packs have been filled with other current releases.

      1. That should be 9 packs not 5 packs. Previously they were 10 packs in the USA

      2. Some of them are current releases. Some are from last year, and one (the black Buick), is years old.

        And without the exclusives packs to speed things along, several of each set remain on the shelf for years.

      3. In that case, I guess that re-releasing old designs with cost-reduced castings is the real disappointment.

  7. Matchbox? Matchbox? Ahh yes I remember Matchbox. That iconic British diecast brand which is……no longer sold in Britain……..

  8. I’m a fan of the M1. Great casting if you can look past the scale. It’s definitely on the large side. Would have been near-perfect if they had made it a tad smaller.

    I’ll say it does look good in silver, but my favorite has got to be the blue. I just looked this model up and I had no idea there were so many versions out there. 7, with this new one making 8. I’ve got 2 of those and can’t see shelling out $10 for this silver one when there is nothing else in the case I want or still need.

  9. Speaking of multi-pack finds. I just spotted a HW 9-pack with a red recolor of the teal 2017 release Porsche 356 Outlaw. I passed, thinking this would be a mainline release, but it turns out its a 9-pack exclusive. Had the Datsun 260Z in white/black/red/yellow as the “Exclusive Decoration” model of the set. Contained a few other beauts including the pearl white R32 Skyline, red CRX, red Urban Outlaw Barracuda, metallic gray/red/white Nissan 370Z and HW50 Concept in satin black/red. Porsche fans be on the lookout!

  10. Of these I need

    Jeep Truck and Gulf Baja Bug (in a 5-pack, which I’m getting for the G-HEO, as well, so won’t need the ones in the pack)
    Ford Ranchero (the batch it premiered in never showed in my area)
    Austin Healey (see above)
    ’57 Dodge Police (I didn’t even know it was out as a single yet)
    And I also see a pack with a Tuk-Tuk in it. Didn’t buy it when it was available with a single.

    What I don’t mind
    Nissan Pickup
    Hummer H2.

    What I already have:
    “Police Launch” Tinforcer.
    Flourescent lime Hazard Squad.

    And the rest I simply don’t want. That’s the problem with 9-packs. More stuff you’ve already got and/or don’t need versus stuff you need and don’t have.

    1. The ones UK need …….urm….. let me see….yellow NY mini cooper cab…….shi…. Urrrrr….. Ooo…….mmmmm…. Urm……Booo!….Bwah!……The WHOLE fu#@n matchbox range!!!… 👍😀

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