Lamley Daily: Take the law into your own hands… Schuco BMW Isetta “Landespolizei”

You’ll all know by now my love for Schuco, and the German brand is currently going from strength to strength with some clever twists to the great castings in their back catalogue. And case in point is a new take on the BMW Isetta, a car you may recall I covered in detail back in February. I’m a big fan of the Schuco Isetta. It’s one of my favourite diecasts of recent years. There has been a colour change with a recent Mijo exclusive, but now there’s another addition in a very cool scheme.

This new release brings a unique West German Landespolizei livery. The Polizei Isetta has already been modelled in larger (and smaller!) scales by the company and it’s great to see it finally in 1/64. And yes, a Police Isetta! The little BMW was a cheap and inexpensive vehicle that proved useful to rural Police stations and saw use through the 1950s and 60s.

An officer with his Isetta in Rheinland-Pfalz, circa 1960.

Mostly the Polizei Isettas didn’t feature the beacon lights but proving they’re amongst the best at the small details, the Schuco version does.

The livery looks fantastic, as always the paint and decals are on point. Insert praise here, Schuco are worthy of it. I’m also pleased to report that the price is a very reasonable €10.99 via the brand shop. For a model that looks this good and can trundle across your desk with great ease, it’s a very fair price. For Schuco collectors and collectors of police vehicles alike, this is an absolute must have.

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  1. Nice, reminds me of my Corgi Heinkel I did miles with on my parenst carpet..

    Why not do the extra effort of giving it a proper license plate though.. can’t be that expenseive..

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