The new Tomica Limited Vintage from July with the amazing Porsche and Ferrari 328 GTB !

Here it goes again ! Finally I managed to order some Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster, the famous best shop for your Tomica Limited Vintage. Why am I saying that ? Because I totally fucked up my order in July, where I’ve missed the models I wanted the most because of their popularity (ie the Toyota Altezza). This time, I was in the starting blocks and I straight ordered the Porsche and the Ferrari when I did see the eBay notification, while making order in the basement, haha.

Some days later my trusty DHL proxi deliverer was ringing, and the PURE joy began. At this time, this is exactly what it is : PURE joy. I’ve selected “only” 4 models, because they are pricey, but man how amazing they are. My fellow co-writers are OK with me, Tomytec really hit for this batch. John did a video on YouTube too !

My 4 models are the amazingly beautiful Ferrari 328 GTS, the 2 unavoidable Porsche 911 and a Fairlady Z 2by2.

Let’s start with the Porsche. Tomytec has already reedited the Porsche in 2016 or 2017, with a tan beige 50th anniversary world tour 911 Porsche and a blue 911S. This time, TLV step up the game with a re-release of a 1968 maroon 911 S and a 1966 orange 911 (that technically isn’t a recolor, because it’s a 1966 that has never been edited before). They step up the game because they added little mirrors, a thing that is often asked to the brand. But why on some models the mirrors (or spoilers) are already in, and some models not … don’t ask me. Licence ? Maybe. But you can enjoy little mirrors on the Porsche, that are, obviously, aaaah, not that fine, but they are OK and the approach is cool.

The orange is my favorite, by far. That color is so perfect on this late 60’s car. I love the wheels too, simple and shiny. The exhaust is fine, such as the engine lid grille. The wood steering wheel is also an awesome detail.

Look at the precision of the grille

The 911S in maroon is another style, more 70’s, with typical Fuchs wheels. The wheels are quite simple, but I think the car is worth it for its color combination of maroon and beige interior. TLV also implemented a mirror on the car.

The 2021 edition doesn’t get the Porsche banner on the side, but gets a mirror.

Those 2 Porsche are the 5th of my collection from TLV on 13 existing. Let’s be honest, I don’t plan to sell the house, so I probably will not be complete on that. So here is my rainbow for now :

You can find beauties like that on JapanBooster eBay shop.

A quick word on the Nissan Fairlady Z T-Turbo 2by2 S130 1982 in Silver/Black ( I such love those endless names !). I’ve chosen this color because of the bi-color, and the wheels. The interior is grey. It pairs my other model in black/maroon. I don’t have much to say about it, as I don’t know much the car, but I know I love to have it in my collection.

Finally, the Ferrari. What can I say ? Let the pictures do the job ! The model is awesome, the color is perfect, the stance is awesome, the wheels are awesome, the front light details are awesome. The rear taillights are also very good, such as the tampo work, but I think the exhausts could have been better.

My favorite part of the car, with this front spoiler that is one of the way to differentiate a 328 from a 308.

The interior is sadly not beige, but it’s fine. The steering wheel is nicely detailed, such as the engine. The opening rear hood is a plus. On negative aspects, you have to glue yourself the mirrors. Other than that, this 328 GTB is pure joy. I did not expect such a great casting, being understood I have a lot of very nice Kyosho Ferrari models.

I highly suggest you to hurry if you like this car, because it will be sold out very quickly, and as usual prices will explode. Find some on eBay here.

I can’t get enough of this line …

I truly hope TLV will venture into other colors, and also will tool the 308. And the Dino 308 GT4. And the GTO. I’m lightning a candle. For now, my TLV Ferrari collection is there :

See you soon for more reviews !


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  1. Not to knock Mattel, but I wouldn’t care if they never get the Ferrari license back. Can’t wait for the Lamborghini Miura! I wouldn’t be surprised if it were better than the Kyosho version. Now for a 288 GTO…

    1. Mattel has this incredible talent of consistently doing B- models. May Tomica hold the Ferrari license for many years to come.

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