The 200th models of my Tomica Limited Vintage collection, with some news from May

It is happening again! This cool time of the month with the DHL notification, meaning your next Tomica Limited Vintage from Japan Booster is incoming. What a nice deal, once you spend $100, you get free shipping with DHL, that is quick and reliable. 100$ is a lot of money, but you quickly reach them with this brand, whose quality is very high. Let’s have a look at my selection of 5 models for this run.

As you know if you follow my articles, I like ordering fresh news such as old castings. This time, I picked up 3 novelties and 2 old references.

I couldn’t resist another Honda Civic (news of May 2021) in a very interesting cherry red. I love this casting a lot, and I’m still not fed up with Civics. Is the overload reached ? I’m still in.

I also absolutely did not want to miss this Toyopet Crown Hardtop Super Deluxe 1970, in this amazing gold color and mat black roof. The color is insane, the car is a new mold, front and rear details are top of the game. It’s a must have, and I’m sure this car will become harder and harder to get.

Finally from the recent castings, this Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo Super SV (ain’t those names too cool ??) from 1988 (my year of birth) was the one to pick, because of the green color and the tan interior. The casting might not be the best of the brand, as the windows aren’t that fine, but it’s a nice big sedan car as I love them. The wheels are also treated with care.

I went into Mazda again, and bought myself a Mazda Cosmo Limited Rotary Turbo, in red. If you remember, I bought a blue Mazda Luce last time, so I thought why not having a companion for this car. Eh, the car is nice, but is clearly not extraordinary. I mean it’s an old reference, so I must be indulgent. For example, the roof is plastic, and my tires have a strange look. Nothing to worry about too much, and the price was really affordable.

Finally, let’s end up with another Mazda and the amazing Luce Legato hard Top Limited in purple. Man, what a beauty!! I was looking for this car for ages, and finally went for it. It’s absolutely no regret. The color is memorable, and the purple color matches the purple interior, which is totally insane. I ADORE it.

All those cars come from Japan Booster on eBay, the best deal you can get for foreign collectors.

This last parcel is also the meaning of a very hard decision to make for me : my Tomica Limited Vintage displays are full. That’s it, 200 models. Period. Problem is I have very not easy access to those displays again, in white. I have no idea how to display the next TLV …

That’s it for this round, and I hope you enjoyed them. What is your way of collecting this brand ? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. What kind of displays are these, I have a couple of tomica limited vintage and I want to have a nice display for it?

    1. They are JFCrafts display cabinets, based in Texas if I’m right. Used to be in Portugal, which was easier to get for me in France, but there is worldwide shipping.

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