Mail call : Tomica Limited Vintage cool cars with new Honda NSX added to the collection

It’s already happening again, and what a joy to see the 15th on the calendar : it means that Tomica Limited Vintage monthly bath of new cars is out, and that Japan Booster will list them (in case you did not preorder) on their eBay store.

As usual, I preferred buying them when listed and had over $100, so shipping was free via DHL. I love that, it’s safe and quick. You might just get custom fees if you are unlucky like I was this time, but I was lucky the 3 times before with 0 fees. If you fear custom fees, remember you do not pay shipping, and you can still ask for a standard not EMS post shipping.

That being said, I jumped on the new NSX castings, the new Cedric Van / Wagons and the Altezza, plus some others. Let’s see that!

The NSX is a new mold from Tomica Limited Vintage (TLV), and it is surely the highlight of this batch for many collectors. TLV is a bit late in the game, but I was impatient to see their interpretation of this legendary Japanese supercar. I am not disappointed, as usual color paint is superb, model is neat, no quality issues, wheels are nicely detailed.

About the opening engine bay, we know that TLV is keen on that (I’m not particularly), and the rear window is very, very, VERY fragile (be careful!). They give you this little plastic piece to open it, and the black cover for you to see the engine that is very nicely detailed. All in all, it’s a plus, but if it makes the retail price go higher, I doubt it is necessary. In addition, the hinges are not a joy (even if an effort is done for them to be transparent).

Overall, this NSX is very welcome in my collection, and I love it. I highly suggest you to have one quickly, I suppose it won’t be reasonably priced very long.

Some NSX from recent manufacturers (HobbyJapan, Inno64) and now TLV. I’m thrilled.

The other great news of this month is the Toyota Altezza (counterpart of the Lexus IS). We all make mistakes. I did. Because I did not order the dark blue. Why ? WHY ? I’m so stupid. The car is so cool. Perfect stance and finish, great quality of the paint. I was a bit worried about the size of the wheels, but they are OK. I will surely track the dark blue, and in the meantime, I ordered the withe Lexus IS Hong Kong exclusive counterpart. Can’t wait.

Third news not to miss on February was the stunning Cedric Van and Wagon, in both light and dark green. Wow. Different finish, one has mirrors, the other not, one has standard green paint, other metallic green paint. I just love the variation of finish on TLV cars. Red interiors are also very welcome. Thought, the big pillar in the interior of the hood shouldn’t exist on a 25$ car (I can accept it on the 1$ CVCC Matchbox, but not here).

Those 2 Cedric remind me those 2 big AutoWorld, colors are matching. Don’t you think ?
Some TLV Wagons and Vans from my collection

In order to catch up, I took this Skyline 2000GT-EX in white. I don’t have many things to say about it. It’s not the best TLV ever, I don’t like much the full opened windows, but I love the interior details in blue and the steering wheel. Next month release should have closed windows. We will see.

Finally, to take advantage of the flat shipping, I ordered this old Crown 4Door HT, in special police TV shows livery. I just love old sedans, and TLV do it perfectly. Price was good! Don’t hesitate to have a look at the JapanBooster catalog, the best place to grab your Tomica Limited Vintage for sure!

Enjoy the pics, and see you soon!


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  1. Those NSXs are stunning, more than usual TLV, but I don’t think I can say the same about the Altezza. I’m not sure what it is, or maybe if pictures don’t do it justice, but something doesn’t seem right about it (wheel size and fitment, panel gaps…) It’s a little disappointing that it’s a TLV.

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