Mail call : two new Tomica Limited Vintage models for my collection

If you follow my articles and my way of collecting, I should start by thank you. Then, you probably know that I love collecting Tomica Limited Vintage models from time to time, when the models are worth it. It’s not easy and not cheap, but some cars must be displayed in my dedicated Tomytec display. Actually, I have 4 spots available before any purge or reorganization.

This time again, I went for two models I did not want to miss. My experience with this brand is “before late than never” (I would say “better now than expensive later”). They come from a German eBay seller Bigblock-65, related in any way at Japan Booster for the supply. When my order is small like this one, I use this eBay seller. When I order a lot, I go with fellow Lamley partner Japan Booster on eBay.

The two models I’ve chosen are pure JDM products with 86′ Nissan Skyline 4 door HT GTS (LV-N282b) and 84′ Toyota Corolla LEVIN GT-APEX (LV-N284a). Both were available in two colors as usual and I went for the black Skyline because of the wheels, and the white Levin because of it’s panda style.

The Skyline is a pure gem. A big sedan as I like them, very detailed specially on the rear. You can spot the famous Skyline headlights, SKYLINE inscription and even an inscription on the rear window. The wheels are super cool too and really make this version. Black is OK as the lower parts of the car are silver. I really love it. Plus, it completes very well the Skyline sedan family!

The Toyota Corolla Levin Apex is also cool but I’m a bit disappointed. The car is not that accurate to me. It sits a little high on the rear, and the tires a too big. Way too big. It gives the car a strange look on certain angles. The contrasted interior is cool (in brown and red) and the panda colors are obviously very iconic. I’m pretty sure that Hobby Japan has a better Corolla Levin but I don’t have it to compare.

Anyway, I’m still happy with my two new entries, even if this collection is very expensive for what you get. You can find them on eBay on Japan Booster or the German seller. My next Tomica Limited Vintage should be a pre-ordered Lamborghini Miura in red with gold wheels. I can’t wait.


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  1. I only have 2 TLV and I may sell my Honda S800. The Lamborghini Miura is just an incredible piece of art. I like these you got, but I find I just have no affinity for JDM basic cars, especially not enough to spend these prices on them. A good example of the ‘expensive now vs more expensive later’ is the Mazda 787b. I didn’t know these existed when that was released and now it’s often sold for over $100.

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