Lamley Awards: The 64 nominees for Best 1/64 Diecast Model of 2022. Let’s pick a winner.

Time for the big one. Throughout December Lamley Viewers and Readers have been voting on the Best of 2022 via polls and IG tournaments. As always, they have been focused on the brands I mainly cover – Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tomica Limited Vintage, Tarmac Works, Auto World, and Mini GT.

But obviously the world of 1/64 is MUCH larger. Each year there seems to be new brands, new lines, and new levels of quality and creativity. It is the truly the golden age of 1/64. A great thing about collecting right now? The immense variety. A terrible thing about collecting? The immense variety.

All of the good stuff leaves us all having to pick and choose what we collect. No one can collect it all.

So, like last year, the team of Lamley Contributors brought our different interests, opinions, and attitudes together and came up with a list of 64 models released this year to compete in a March Madness style tournament. No matter the brand, these 64 models were among the faves and most significant of 2022.

And it was not easy to come up with. Weeks of debate, arguments, frustration, and agreement finally resulted in a list of fantastic competitors. There is obviously a ton of Hot Wheels, the brand that dominates Lamley coverage, but you will see a plethora of brands represented.

And it should be that way. Last year Para64 shocked everyone by winning the 64-car tournament with its Ruf Yellowbird, knocking off a Kaido House 510 in the final. Hot Wheels didn’t even make the Final Four.

Will that be the case again this year? Will a lesser known brand emerge once again, or will a popular Hot Wheels release blow away the competition? We will only know when we vote in the tournament.

Which starts Christmas night, December 25th, on Instagram in the @lamleygroup Stories. We have randomly drawn the pairings, which will be unveiled as we post on Instagram. And some of the matchups are brutal. There was no favoritism at all. Just what the random picker app spit out. Each round will last 24 hours, and will have a champion crowned by New Year’s.

A huge thanks to to the Lamley Contributers for their input, passion, knowledge, quick wit, and photography skills. Alex Winson, Bryan McCarthy, David Kiley, Derek Albert, Graham Heeps, Guillaume Maillard, Sam McConnell, David Tilley, and Reece Brennan are all passionate, knowledgable collectors. This nerd-out with them has been a blast.

So here they are, the 64 releases chosen by the Lamley Group as the best or most significant of the year, with some blurbs as to why they were chosen. There are obviously omissions, and many gems left out. Coming up with only 64 was incredibly tough, but I think we ended up with a good group.

Have a look, think about it, and as you are chilling Christmas night open up your Instagram. There will be a tournament waiting for you to vote on.

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