My March Tomica Limited Vintage selection!

What a month! March was synonym of more Honda NSX, some more Integra and another chance for me to catch up. News came on time on Japan Booster (on the 15th), and as always, I ordered my favorite models. Some days later, it came in via DHL – with no custom fees for this time. I wanted to share with you the models I ordered.

I took one of the 2 new Integra of the month, in dark grey. I love the TLV treatment of the Integra, and loved the plain wheels with their Civic look. The quality of the paint of TLV models is something, and this grey is nice. Why not to take the white one later, but me, the priority was the grey. I choose not to glue the rear spoiler, as my 3 others models have.

Then, speaking of news, the monster of the March release is definitely the Honda NSX Type-S Zero, in orange and this AMAZING green. Amazing. Let’s say it again : AMAZING. The color is nuts. The paint is nuts. The car is nuts. The wheels are nuts. The orange seats are nuts. Nuts nuts nuts. Total must have. My crystal ball indicates it might become an iconic TLV, one of those you regret not to buy quickly before prices go nuts. In other words, it could easily become a classic / highly sought after model of the brand. I’m happy to have both, but my preference is going to the light green version. After some quick researches, the model exists, but seems not quite seen often. You can order yours on Japan Booster eBay shop.

Somebody asked me if the rear window has an opening like the previous two, and the answer is yes. Still very fragile, and still the tiny piece to open the engine. Damn this car is cool. The NSX is definitely a car I always had interest in, but that has also grown on me. From Ayrton Senna to Gran Turismo to Ryu Asada, the Honda NSX has few chances to let you indifferent. The car is celebrating its 30 years, and many manufacturers jumped at this occasion to show up. How could I complain about that. Tomica Limited Vintage could surprise us by making an Acura version (I’m sure many Tarentino’s fans wouldn’t complain!), but what are the chances ?

All Honda NSX for now from the brand

In the catch up series, I definitely repaired my February mistake and ordered the dark blue Altezza, which is like I said in my previous post, a total must have too. In between, you can remark I received my Hong Kong exclusive Lexus IS counterpart, in pearl white. I’m too happy with it.

I took advantage to order this Toyopet Crown I did not have in my collection, from some months or years ago, can’t remember, in this nice gold color. I love sedans, but prefer more modern ones. The car is very neat of course.

Finally, I also ordered this Mazda Luce in light blue, which is a more modern sedan, and very cubic car. Mazda models are rare and most of the time very interesting vehicles, and I’m very happy to have this one in my collection. Price was good, and it’s an old reference, maybe the first Tomica Limited Vintage Neo, as it ref. LN-N01.

That’s it for this month, which was a very good month, with 6 cars I love. This is constituting exactly my 196th TLV in my collection. I have 4 spots left in my second of 100. Problem coming friends, problem coming … but that’s for another day. Enjoy the pics, and don’t hesitate to grab some TLV on Japan Booster, the best way IMO to make yourself a nice TLV collection. And don’t miss out this NSX …


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