The stunning Impreza Sports Wagon WRX STi by Tomica Limited Vintage

Here is a car that can easily pretends going far in the Lamley Awards coming soon on Lamley world. It has been a while since my last Tomica Limited Vintage post and for good reasons. Collecting this brand is hard for your wallet mainly since prices have going nuts everywhere for any reason. Of course my two Impreza come from the Lamley partner Japan Booster (I’m stopping any angry comments, I’m paying my cars all the way down to France + shipping + extra DHL shipping because of standard airmail not restored between Japan and France since Ukrainian war + customs + gas to go the pick up station). Good. Are these Subies worth the price ?

Yes. They are. See the pics below. Cheers.

They are totally worth it and I’m predicting them to become collectors items. Many Tomica Limited Vintage become super sought after models and their rating continues to grow even with recent issues (some Honda NSX models, Porsche 911, some Mark II …). I have the feeling that those two will quickly become legends and I’m happy to have them now. I have pre-ordered them at Japan Booster back in time.

The yellow STi is very nice and might be my favorite because of this incredibly cool color. The yellow is a bit insipid but it’s OK. Look at those wheels. Tomica made an effort with some brake disks behind. On the yellow, you will have to glue yourself the roof racks, which is not cool. I adore STi stickers on the fog lights and the green WRX at the back.

While the yellow version is a must have, what can we say about the blue version? Iconic ? For sure. Perfect paint quality ? Yes. Necessary ? Oh yeah. It was not imaginable for me to miss the blue which is the first color I’m thinking about an Impreza. No roof racks on this one and no red seats.

I’m very happy with these two sport wagons and I highly suggest you to jump on these if you did not pre-order. I hope to see new colors on them, silver grey, black ? Meanwhile, my next Tomica Limited Vintage are already pre-ordered at Japan Booster : the Lancia Thema. I can’t wait.


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