Why invest so much money in a Tomica Limited Vintage Miura ? The answer in this article …

The question must be asked. Tomica Limited Vintage is not cheap and it seems more and more expensive through the year. It’s nonetheless a pretty sure place if you like collect and invest at the same time, a bit like me. I don’t buy models for a future resale, but I like that what I collect (= what I love) tends to gain in value. I don’t have the feeling to exactly loose money. It’s also a way to be sure to make the collection evolve if some sales happen.

The TLV Lamborghini Miura is one of those casts that are particularly expansive to buy for a 1/64 car. Prices are around 60$ dollars when pre-ordering, and more or less 80$ when released, if not more. But why so much money ? Those prices are most of the time totally unacceptable for me, meaning limit is over. This is why this red and gold Miura is my first one, although many other colors had been released before. I decided to go for it anyway as a pre-order at Japan Booster, with the lowest price possible (you got some % less when you pre-order) and because it was the first model with touches of gold. I just couldn’t let it go. But in my mind, I was still convinced that I made a mistake.

Some months later, almost when I had totally forgot about it (part of the pros and cons of pre-order system), it was time to reconsider it. Was all that money invested worth it ? It must be precised that Air Post from Japan to France is still not available (what’s this joke?) so Japan Booster sends you an email to invite you to go with DHL express (with an additional 12$ + customs in France – around 3$).

Sadly for my wallet, but luckily for my collection, the answer is yes. I must admit (and my fellow Lamley contributors already know about it) that I absolutely changed my mind and now I understand why this car is so expensive. It doesn’t mean I’m OK with such a price that I consider still very high, but I understand better why the car is expensive.

It is one of those cars that Tomica Limited Vintage spent hours on to build and where opening parts absolutely make sense. And for once, perfectly close! The Miura is an absolute perfection car to my eyes with one of the best lines of the 70’s. It’s a masterpiece that TLV managed to catch. And they glorified it. The details of the engine are very nice (though less detailed than the F40) and the front opening with the spare wheel is amazing. Not too many details but it works. The gold parts of the car are just too cool.

Interior details are also very neat and please admire the steering wheel details. What can be more 70’s than this ? The details of the wheels are also very impressive, particularly the central nut.

I hope I convinced you that this model car is very a particular piece of a sport car that is one of my all timers. Sometimes you must pay for something you like, want, desire. This time, I was at the limit but I don’t regret it. Will I go for other versions? Maybe, the gold Miura coming in December is really nice … You can pre-order at Japan Booster.


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  1. I do have the yellow Miura SV. It’s a beautiful little car. I’d love to buy a couple of the TLV Ferrari, but the cost is so prohibitive. Now other brands like BBR, inno64, and Tarmac are getting Ferrari, and they cost much less so I will go with those.

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