Hard Body by Tootsietoy – toy cars with full features

July 5, 2020 – by Doug Breithaupt When someone mentions Tootsietoy, most of us picture simple one-piece toy cars with basic wheels. In a previous story, I reviewed these basic cars beginning with the first small-scale die-cast car made by Tootsietoy in 1911. With the introduction of the Hard Body brand name in the late […]

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Inno64, Tarmac Works

That’s Mine’s!!

Gran Turismo kids and fan boys will understand. For others it will be a discovery, or just beautiful mini cars, or another white rims model, or just some more JDM s***. Mine’s is a customizer based in Japan specialized in high end performance parts and tuning. They have a website, where you can see the […]

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Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Muscle Machines Daishin Advan Silvia S15

Model: Muscle Machines Daishin Advan Silvia S15 Line: Muscle Machines JGTC series eBay link: Muscle Machines Silvia S15 Why I am featuring it: I have a huge thing for the JGTC or SuperGT as it’s now known. When we managed to get satellite TV at home when I was younger, I immediately searched out the […]

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1/64, Lamley Daily, Mini GT

Lamley Daily : Nissan GT-R LB by Mini GT

Model : Nissan GT-R LB Release : Mini GT n°66 Malaysia Exclusive Where to get it : eBay mainly Why it is in the collection : I love collecting some Mini GT, and particularly love to go a little deeper with exclusives, that I often prefer. I’m trying to get a tooling of each and […]

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1/64, Lamley Daily

Lamley Daily: Road Champs Nissan 300ZX

Model: Nissan 300ZX Z31 Release: Road Champs Racing Demons Where to buy: eBay is where you can find them carded and in 3 packs Why I am featuring it: Road Champs is one of those weird off brands of the past. Admittedly I don’t know much about the brand and what they all released. This […]

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