Majorette Nissan Nismo GTR GT3 & Cefiro A31

This is some long overdue coverage for a casting that really surprised me when it appeared last year: the Majorette Nissan Cefiro A31. It’s a car that mostly diehard fans of Japanese car culture will be aware of, but it’s also one firmly engrained in drift culture. It’s a diecast that only two other manufacturers have chose to replicate: Aoshima with a very rare D1 GP example and Konami with a plain Jane stock A31, both in 1/64. The Majorette car may be a touch bigger at 1/58 scale, but by picking it to be in their catalogue, the French firm are proving they too can tap into modern car culture.

The first models to be released were the Cefiros replicating the real world A31 of Thai drift Queen Christy Louis. The former model has become a very well known driver in Asia, building her 650bhp Toyota 2JZ powered car over two years to compete in professional drift events. She’s hugely popular in Thailand, has been the subject of many a YouTube video and has even done a TEDtalk. Her Majorette sponsorship has led to the scale version, and I have to say it’s a great way to launch what I’m sure will be a very popular model.

The Christy Louis cars come adorned with her livery and sponsors, in unique packaging and collectors box with 3 different variants available. All three are very cool diecasts with accurate liveries, sharp decals and rubber tyres. Majorette are often criticised for the wheel choices on their models but I think they have done pretty damn well here.

To give the casting more adaptability, the bodyshell is not adorned with the body kits and flared arches of Christy’s real world car, and doesn’t feature the 2JZ under the opening bonnet. Instead you’ll find a representation of the Nissan RB25.

It may appear that I have been late to the party by only covering the Cefiro now, but I’ve held this post back somewhat. The Christy Louis cars aren’t sold directly in Europe, although stocks have been found at TK Maxx occasionally. I decided it best to wait until the almost identical Cefiro from the Racing Cars line up hit the Majorette Online store.

It’s the Christy Louis car but riding on the standard plastic wheels. OK, they aren’t the most flattering for this particular casting, but if you’re anything like me you’ll be itching to get the drill and Dremel out and start doing some modifying! It’s a perfect base for some cool custom diecast. There are also plain versions of the casting on the way which will really show off how good a job Majorette have done with the Cefiro. The proportions are great, and while I love the race livery, I can’t wait to see it without the competition war paint.

Another Nissan available now on the Majorette store is the fantastic Nismo GTR GT3. It’s another model I’ve been itching to cover, and it’s one of my favourite diecasts, making it into my 2020 highlights alongside the Cefiro. The proportions of the car and the wheel choice are just bang on, it’s a very good replica for a mainline car. The diffusers and spoilers are all present and correct, and the The opening doors reveal a neat interior complete with race wheel, roll cage, bucket seat and instrument panel.

The only slight criticism I have is the unpainted surfaces behind the opening doors, an issue that also plagues the Cefiro under the bonnet. This is something I think Majorette need to get on top of, a small change that I am sure will make a big difference. But regardless, the GTR GT3 is awesome.

The livery on this latest release is great (indeed it’s based on the Nissan showcar) and the decals are all sharp and in the right places.

It’s a must have. It also has real potential to carry on shining in the range. I can see the possibility of it appearing with rubber tyres in a Deluxe guise, or with real world GT liveries like Gainer, KCMG and Nismo…. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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(Find the Majorette store links in the text, or alternatively click here for the Cefiro and here for the GTR on Ebay)

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  1. Majorette’s been going HARD for the past three years, and has now emerged as a true middle-ground rival to Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Tomica. They’re upper 1/60ths, sure, but the larger sizing comes with it even more detail and treatments that shine on each casting they make. As a result, they often undercut Tomica Basic and can stand to supersede HW and Matchbox for comparable money, a big deal for budget collectors like me who can only spare so much dough. And their coverage has been improving, making cars that I don’t think we’ve seen among big-box brands (including all but one of the 2019 WRC cars). If you can find ’em in your area, get ’em. They’ll be worth it.

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