New casting alert! Nissan Skyline GTS-R (R31), by Inno64

Inno64 is on a good wave and new molds are coming. This is the case with this brand new casting of the Nissan Skyline GTS-R R31, announced some months ago. As usual, the brand is bringing several variations straight away and this is four different models the collector can add to his collection. Let’s have a look at this car.

The Nissan Skyline GTS-R R31 is an inescapable casting when you like JDM cars and want to retrace the Nissan Skyline history. The Skyline is such a great saga that I have no complaints that a brand like Inno64 making such gems is tackling it. This might be not the most known model of the saga, or the most exciting. It has an old school look, being from 1985 to 1989. But it is so adorable anyway and I truly prefer this car to the R32, but it’s just me. This GTS-R is a bit special as only 800 units were built to allow approval for Group A touring car racing.

The brand is offering two street versions in dark blue and black. This is not the most colorful launch but at least models are different. The blue version gets gold rims (super detailed), while the black version gets more after market rims. The black one gets a contrasted bottom in dark grey, so old school but so nice.

I think the black color is better than the blue, both being metallic and highly premium. I just would have loved the bases in white or transparent, because all this is really dark. Anyway, the casting is great, and the car is big. An R32 is not a small car, it’s huge. Stance looks good, usual details are here and the car has a metal chassis and is a roller. Oh, I almost forgot : the models has suspensions, like the Celica. You can get some on eBay easily.

The racing versions are from JTC 1989 and come with a white base, which contrasts well. Iconic blue Calsonic Impul and white/red Ricoh for a start. I don’t know if many variations exist, I’m sure less than the R32. The model is once again very well made and some parts are different from the street version : front spoiler, piece between the tail lights, tow hook, interior and exhaust. The racing versions also get antennas.

All in all, I’m convinced that the new Skyline R31 by Inno64 is a great casting. You know me, I like contrast with car and base (it might be seen as details, but I see the whole car and packaging as an object of collection, that I want to be exposed in the best way), and I would like the racing version even more lowered and cambered. Not possible if you want the car to be a roller. But don’t misjudge me, the casting is great, the execution is great and is a big step forward from the old Kyosho 1/64. Let’s see what variations the brand will bring for the next releases.

I love sporty look street cars from this brand
The R31 is a big and long car
And bonus, yes this is a Inno64 Mercedes-Benz Evo II


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