Lamley Daily: Tarmac Works Vertex Nissan Silvia S14

In the midst of all my Euro slanted nonsense, I’ll occasionally look at a car from another part of the planet. It’s not to say I dislike cars from America or Japan, not at all. In fact Japanese cars were my second automotive love affair, the first being the McLaren F1. And my soft spot for all things from Japan has never gone away, meaning that when a model like this arrives I really do go a bit funny inside case in point this: the Nissan Silvia S14 Vertex by Tarmac Works.

Part of the Global64 line up, the S14 (the face-lift “Kouki” model) is a miniature heavily inspired by the Vertex Car Make T&E demo car featuring the company’s “Vertex Ridge” bodykit.

The diecast version lacks the big carbon spoiler and RAYS Volk GT-C wheels of the real thing but retains the eye popping green colour scheme and the full Ridge kit.

Once you’ve snapped your gaze away from that green, the smaller details come to the surface: the intercooler, the exhaust, the mirrored graphics, the side mirrors, the brilliantly replicated rear lights. Don’t let the Global64 moniker throw you; this thing retains the quality of the more expensive Hobby64 cars.

There’s a solid Schuco-esque weighty feel to the casting and it’s a properly satisfying model to handle and roll around.

Being a Global64 car means it’s not earth shatteringly expensive either, having a retail of $12.90 (though Ebay prices will probably be closer to $15).

And Lamley fans have probably noticed that the Vertex S14 will form the basis for the Lamley x Tarmac collaboration model due in July.

Subsequently this is a casting you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of on these pages in the future and that’s no bad thing at all.

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(Unfortunately the Vertex S14 is sold out on the Tarmac store, but search the Ebay listings here)

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