Black beauty: the Majorette Black Edition Giftpack.

This is probably one of the strongest 5 packs I have come across from any diecast brand, let alone from Majorette. Every single car is a hit, and thanks to recent TK Maxx stocks here in the UK, collectors here have been able to get their hands on it finally.

The 5 pack comprises of the following cars:

  • Dodge Challenger SRT Demon
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3
  • Brabus B63s
  • Mercedes AMG GT R
  • Audi R8

Trying to pick a single favourite is tough, but for me there are three which really stand out. The Dodge, the Nissan and The AMG GT.

Starting with the Dodge, the meanest looking one of the five. The Challenger Demon is a super mean looking thing in real life, and Majorette have managed to capture this perfectly in miniature. Normally I’m not a fan of coloured window glass but the blue tint of the window piece here adds something to the casting, offset against the gloss black. The wheel choice is excellent here with the multi spoke wheels and chunky tyres looking like something off the Dodge options list.

The Nissan GTR GT3 is one of the best castings made by Majorette. The proportions, wheel choice and details are brilliant and the colourways for the car have all been fantastic. The Black Edition treatment gives the GTR the car a mean looking “test car” look, or of you’re a fan of Gran Turismo will evoke memories of the hidden Black Version cars that appeared in the used car lots of Gran Turismo 4. Behind the opening doors the interior detail is great for a mainline diecast. This is one seriously good model.

The real AMG GT R is a perennial favourite car of mine, and I’m a big fan of Majorette’s miniature version too. The Mercedes Shop exclusive cars were two of my biggest hits of 2020. While the Black Edition doesn’t have the colour explosion of the Mercedes versions, it more than makes up for it with tonne of effortlessly cool presence. It’s got great proportions and looks menacingly beautiful draped in high gloss black. It’s a beauty.

The Brabus B63s looks an absolute brute in black, the colour really enhances the already muscular proportions and makes for one mean looking diecast. The red lip around the wheels is a nice contrast, and the bonnet opens to reveal that whacking great V8 heart. The decals on the badges are sharp and clear so there’s no doubting this is a Brabus, not a Mercedes.

The Audi R8 casting looks a bit awkward on the overly large blade style wheels. They knock the proportions out on what is an otherwise attractive diecast. Despite the wheel choice I really like the casting, and the paint finish on the matt black offset with the silver side intakes is brilliant.

And as you can see they’re all crammed with detail, very well finished paint (which is very important with black cars!), fantastic decals and the trademark suspension and moving parts we’ve come to expect from Majorette. It’s a strong 5 pack, and a serious alternative to the Mattel brands. 2022 is set to be a big year for Majorette and I really hope they can turn the heads of global retailers to allow them shelf space. They’re on par and sometimes exceeding Hot Wheels and Matchbox already in terms of quality and finish in my opinion, but they need to be easily accessible to every collector globally in order to stand on the podium with them. 2022 will be a litmus test of great importance.

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(Find the Majorette Black edition 5 pack on Amazon UK and on Ebay)

4 Replies to “Black beauty: the Majorette Black Edition Giftpack.”

  1. Agreed, what a great 5-pack. The Brabus is my favourite here — I don’t know of any other Brabus in diecast. I picked up my 5-pack from Amazon UK about 6 months ago — didn’t know TKmaxx were stocking them but might pick up another one if I spot it there. Yes, let’s hope UK retailers start stocking Majorette soon. Looks like the Asda plan came to naught, huh. I never did see any in my nearest Asda (Ruislip). Amazon are about the only reliable Majorette stockist at the moment.

    1. From what I gather, the Asda plan was a trial. Asda were apparently very happy, and hopefully get on board properly for 2022. TK Maxx’s stocks are always random, but I’ve seen a couple of the black 5 packs there.

    1. Hi Jeff!
      I think the difference is just in badging, the other G-Wagens in the range are identical, all equipped with the AMG bodykit. I’ll have to check if there’s a difference with the base though, the Brabus car has side exit exhausts and I’m not sure my Mercedes shop G500s have that.

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