Lamley review : Inno64 brand new Nissan Silvia S13

I was very very impatient to see this one in hand. And I have to say it doesn’t disappoint!

As I already have written on this blog, Rocket Bunny, Pandem, RWB, LB-Works, you name it, are body kits and part a JDM culture. I’m not particularly a huge fan of those kits, but I’m always in for a nice miniature scale model. And here, we are talking about execution. Nice execution I would say.

The cars Inno64 is offering are constantly getting better and better. And I have to say I’m really amazed by the number of new castings and molds they propose in a short time. A few months ago, the R32 Pandem new casting was launched, such as the Honda NSX-R and R-GT. Count also on a new tooling for the Sprinter Trueno with opened headlights. Man! Macau is on fire.

You can find the Silvia S13 on eBay easily.

The Silvia S13 is a brand new tooling too, and the beginning is not a common street S13 but a kitted one. I would have loved to see a stock S13 too, but as I said, let’s focus on the execution. The S13 is a pure JDM nugget that many of you JDM fans will know, and for sure appreciate. I do prefer the S14, but I like the S13 better than the S15. This late 80’s car must not be confused with the Nissan 180SX, 200SX (Europe) and 240SX (US). Oh, and also not to be confused with the Sileighty, a mid S13 and mid 180SX ^^. Lost ? Totally normal! Just keep in mind that the cars shared the same platforms, and were from the S series. And just for kidding, I bet my 2 Inno models that Gran Turismo players will remember the “Silvia Q’s” ; for your personal JDM culture, and according to my searches, the J’s, Q’s, and K’s were designations for the different versions, these names being references to the face cards of English playing cards. The J’s was the base model. The Q’s model offered a slightly more refined experience and received electric options. The K’s grade received the turbocharged CA18DET or SR20DET (depending on the year of manufacture) in addition to the options offered on the Q’s. Fun eh ? So, who knows if Inno64 willt not surprise us with a nice light green S13 Q’s!

In case you forgot, Hot Wheels tooled the S13, and it’s this one.

Back to the models, I was saying that execution was nice. Yes it is. The stance is crazy, the wheels are stuck to the body, the rare quite rounded lines are good (specially in the headlights), and as always, the interior is treated with care. You can spot safety harness, roll cage … The car is obviously made for display. The base of the plastic case is treated exactly like the Pandem R32 (in that kind of thin metal material).

The 2 versions are different by the way. With Inno64, you really get value for money! You get free extra wheel sets and decal sheets on some models (not the S13 though), and in this case straight away a mold variation of a new tooling.

The baby blue S13 is called V1, and has a full body kit I would say, with a very detailed front radiator. While the mat black one is called V2 and gets a different rear and front radiator. They also have different exhausts. A yellow V2 version exists too, and you bet I’m in for it.

While I thought I preferred the baby blue one, with its gloss paint and brilliant wheels, I do get more and more attracted by the mat black one and its amazing black and white contrast.

Both of those versions are winners for sure, and the tooling is very promising. While I can’t wait to see if they plan a more “stock” version, I’m lighting a candle for them to do a S14.



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  1. I personally think the S13 is by far the best looking Silvia. When modified properly, it just looks infinitely cool, almost in the same class as some of the 70s and 80s Mercedes and BMWs.

    That said, it’s also very easy to mess it up, which sadly is how more than half of them are these days: over-modified and hideous. I almost despise these widebody kits because they look ugly and ruin the general flow of the body, although I will say I like the blue one. It’s actually pretty close to how I’d want my S13 to look like. If I had one that is.

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