The third Silvia S13 Rocket Bunny, by Inno64

And that is 3. The Nissan Silvia S13 Rocket Bunny is wearing a nice yellow robe for its third appearance in the Inno64 mainline.

I already had the chance to write about this casting (that you can find here) and I was pretty impatient to get my hand on the yellow version. It is based on the “V2” of the casting, meaning the more “open” version, specially on the rear part. In fact, it is pretty much the yellow equivalent of the black version.

The major difference being the wheels treatment, where this yellow version is sporting chrome wheels while the black had more neon wheels.

It is a nice trio, with a high level of execution. I will not repeat myself, and I suggest you to read my previous article to have more details. In one word, the casting is very neat, it doesn’t roll (but I don’t care because it is a display model). The yellow colors suits very nicely the car. You can find some easily on eBay.

More than ever, I hope Inno64 will use the mold to propose collectors another type of S13, maybe more street. With their unique expertise, it could fit nicely with other sporty JDM models of the brand.

Enjoy the pictures, and pick your favorite of the lot. Or have the 3, they go well together.


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