Inno64 March new models part 1 : NSX R-GT in chrome and grey R32

Who did say only Hot Wheels made spectra flame colors for minicars ?

Ok, it might not be exactly a proper spectra flame color, but it a chrome one. This is something you don’t see very often, and it catches the eyes for sure.

I must be honest with you : I was not very convinced by the chrome NSX when Inno unveiled it. If you follow me a little, you know I’m always excited when something is about Honda NSX – or in this case NSX R-GT, but chrome on cars is not something I would really take care about. Like raw cars, or chases in general. But anyway, and this is not the first time, I changed my mind!

One of the first thing that comes to mind is that the car is so much lovely in hand than in photo. Photos don’t really do justice to the chrome color. I try my best to take pictures that do justice, and with my own style, but I’m not a professional photographer and I’m using my slowly dying iPhone 8 plus.

The chrome color is something very special, and it is a bit hard to have a perfectly clean version of the car. You might observe some finger traces on the car, or maybe some tiny scratches. But I reassure you, it is barely see-able with the naked eye.

Inno64 chose the Honda NSX R-GT and I cannot be sure that chrome Honda NSX R-GT exist in real life. My researches show that some NSX do exist in chrome, but the R-GT is such a rarity that I’m not certain. Thought, I love the idea that it can be a custom.

The model itself is great, and I already had the opportunity to write about the Inno64 Honda NSX R-GT. It is, as I said, a very uncommon car, both in 1:1 and 1:64 scale, so the model was very welcome by collectors.

It is the 4th and 5th version of the R-GT in the Inno64 catalog, with the Hong Kong red exclusive, and 2 Spoon versions with different spoilers (one being a Macau 2020 special).

The grey/maroon version reminds me a lot the Pandem R32, and both cars go very well together.

It is always interesting to see how much Inno64 models are detailed. As always, you can count on brake disks and calipers. The car rolls with some help. The shark wing, the mirrors, the rear wings, the exhausts are details that are very fine and pleasant. It is also very fun to observe that both versions have differences like a carbon hood on the blue one (such as the air intake on the side), different wheels style of course, and also differences on the seat belts detailed on the red seats.

The interior gets as usual a very nice treatment, with many painted details. The NSX R-GT by Inno64 is definitely a cool minicar you can observe on your desk, and appreciate all the details.

Both the cars come with extra wheels set, that I don’t want to put on, because I love the gold ones on the blue chrome, and the grey lace wheels on the grey/maroon. On the negative side, the front wheel of my blue version gets a little mistake on the paint.

All in all, I am convinced by the chrome version and I have to say I have a thing with the blue version with it’s gold wheels and red interior. Definitely my favorite, and it displays well. Who know if Inno64 is not planning maybe a NSX Super GT (like Kyosho Beads back in time). Wouldn’t it be too cool ?

Find the chrome Honda NSX R-GT on eBay

I take advantage of this article on some March news from Inno64 to show you another recolor. It is of the Nissan GT-R R32, in gun metallic grey with dark wheels. As far as we know Inno64 masters the R32 casting, I have the feeling that they improved the stance and the size of the wheels (on street versions). The full carbon concept shown below is a good example. Street R32 are not very numerous at Inno’s and this grey color is a very welcome addition. They killed it with a Mine’s version some years ago thought.

The stance of this grey R32 and the matching wheels are winners for me. It might be seen as a repetitive model (we see a lot of R32, all manufacturers confounded), and the color might be banal, but believe me : don’t sleep on it, it might be very well an underrated casting you might regret.


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  1. as nice as the colour looks, i cant forgive the poor quality control. the rear lights dont seem to fit right especially on the grey chrome nsx, its just popping out its horrendous. and for the front rims of the blue nsx, you can see that the gaps between the rim has paint stuck in it.

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