Inno64 March new models part 2 : Nissan Primera P10 Test Car and Hakotora Coca Cola!

Serious business for March new models at Inno64 : while NSX R-GT in chrome and grey R32 (detailed in my part 1 article here) were on top, what to think of the Test Car Nissan Primera P10 ?

I absolutely admit it, this is the model I was most excited about, and awaiting the most. The Primera P10 was launched in the fantastic 2020 Macau GP set , in dark green Castrol / Unisia Jecs. That was a very strong start, and I already reviewed that the casting was absolutely satisfying.

Hard to beat such a beautiful livery, so the Inno team decided to go in a complete opposite direction for the second release with a test car version, and it is clever. The white Test Car version with the NISSAN logo and the stripping is really working, and the car do exist, of course.

Holy cow! How sexy this car is, all in white with white plain wheels. This picture shows how deep the Inno team goes for details. From marked tires, to the Bridgestone logo, attached hood, Primera banner, mirrors, all is here and matching (I’m just wondering if the orange turning signals should be orange or not). Anyway I LOVE it.

The stance of the car is good, and it is primordial for a touring car. My love for touring car is intact, and I can’t be more happy to see more and more touring car diecast or resin cars appearing here and there. 90’s cars have definitely begin their show.

There is nothing more to say about this Primera P10 test car except it is a beauty, that I highly suggest you to add to your collection. The next announced version of the P10 is the blue Calsonic, and count me in.

You can find some easily and at good prices on eBay here.

In a total other style, Inno64 did a collaboration model with Toyeast HK, with the Nisan Hakotora truck. Here is the version, in a Coca Cola look. How original this thing is ? I did not really expect that to be honest, and it is the only thing Coca Cola related in my collection haha.

I assume the team had a lot of fun creating such a livery, and I precise that the car is licensed. “Coca Cola official product” is marked on the box. What I recall of this truck is it’s very good finishing, whose quality control seems to be very high. The color delimitation between cream and red is super neat, such as the stance, the wheels and the windows. You can find some on eBay.

I have the strong feeling that the team did improve the front headlights treatment too, and the result is near perfect. You can feel the front headlights perfectly.

The color is a kind of beige/cream (and not pure white, my white sheet under the car shows it), and you can appreciate the cool details of the plates with COKE inscriptions on it. The cargo is a piece that is supposed (I think) represent boxes or loading of bottles of Coca Cola.

The Hakotora is definitely a truck that can be used for fun, and that’s what Inno64 did. I assume my next Coca Cola car in the collection will be the Nissan Silvia Rocket Bunny S13, already announced. Stay tuned!

To end this Inno64 article, a quick word on 2 models that also entered my collection, and that are filling gaps. That is the yellow Altezza, that I immediately wheels swapped. I love it better with the dark wheels offered with the model. It also comes with a decal sheet. This model differs from the Tomica Limited Vintage Altezza, as it is the RS 200 Z-Edition.

The other model is my beloved Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III in a special Pop Race edition (Beijing Rally). I was looking at this model for a while, and I absolutely love it, with it’s Pop Race special display base. The Evo III is definitely a model that I love to collect.


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