Three new versions of the Nissan Fairlady Z (300ZX) by Inno64

It has been a while and here are some news from my beloved Macau based brand Inno64. I have a lot of cars to review for you and I will start by what I consider the highlight of the moment : the Nissan Fairlady Z (Z32), also called 300ZX.

Discreetly appeared in midnight purple last time (and already featured here), this time we can say that the model is set to take off. Three new colors in a row, which is a lot and what seems to be the norm with Inno64, are offered to collectors : yellow pearglow, aztec red and Kanagawa-Kenkei Japanese police car. All three have gone into the Willdiecast studio. It’s mid November, I don’t like taking pictures outside and there is no light!

The two street models come with an extra wheels set that are more or less the exact reverse of what you see : plain grey wheels for the extra red, lace (gold) wheels for the yellow pearglow. I won’t touch them, I like them like this. As I have already said in my previous article, the model is very satisfying and I am very happy to see it wearing a bright color to admire the line and the quality of the mold. It is good. Maybe the engraving could be better but all in all, the lines of the 300ZX are very well represented. I’m sure it isn’t an easy model to tool, because of the large glass surfaces. Plus, the mold is probably rather fragile looking at the finesse of the pillar. Let’s also appreciate the mat black around the glasses.

A car that I can definitely appreciate from the top.

According to me, the rear treatment is much better than the front. The lights in the underneath part (where the flashing are) could have been better. But on the other hand, the treatment of the rear taillights is near perfection. The piece is so fine for the scale. Double x2 exhausts are also pretty good such as the rear whipper and the treatment of the rear glass.

My favorite is definitely the yellow pearglow because it’s an iconic color for this car and also because of the big 300ZX decal on the rear window. The red aztec is very much photogenic and also very nice. I’m just going with the yellow.

And what about the Japanese police version ? Inno64 begins to have a nice row of Japanese police cars (Nissan GT-R R32 and R34). Again, what en amazing amount of details for the retail price. Nothing to glue yourself (…) and a lot of details (passenger mirror, red lights, antenna, light bar … you name it). Even the exhausts have a different treatment. What a nice job is done here. Japanese police cars is definitely a nice theme of collection and I’m sure this Z32 will perfectly fit into your collection. You can grab them all on eBay at normal prices, so don’t hesitate before it’s too late.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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