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Lamley Daily: Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV

Model: Lamborghini Diablo SV Line: Tomica Premium eBay link: Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV The 2019 Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV look not just sleek in terms of aesthetics but also on its features. This is the only casting with opening scissor doors feature without compromising its realism and its definitely a very big plus […]

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Lamley YouTube, Tomica Premium

Showcase: Jumping into Tomica Premium

Another brand on the “why don’t you feature __________” list that I am compiling. Lamley has done several Tomica Premium features in the past, thanks to the RTE (Resident Tomica Expert) Jay Kho, so you blog readers have gotten your share.  But the YouTube viewers haven’t, and I have been hearing about it. Jeff Koch […]

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Tomica, Tomica Premium

Are you collecting Tomica Premium? Jay Kho is…

One of the brands we are going to start covering on Lamley is Tomica Premium.  Thankfully Tomica changed the name from Tomica Limited to Tomica Premium to not confuse the line with Tomica Limited Vintage.  The line is more like Tomica than TLV, and has a lot more variety in the types of castings used.  I […]

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