Lamley Daily: Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV

Model: Lamborghini Diablo SV

Line: Tomica Premium

eBay link: Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV

The 2019 Tomica Premium Lamborghini Diablo SV look not just sleek in terms of aesthetics but also on its features. This is the only casting with opening scissor doors feature without compromising its realism and its definitely a very big plus point for me. I can see Tomica invest a lot of effort onto the opening door feature and it looks striking in diecast photography. It also comes with a retractable headlights in plastic which the color matches perfectly with the diecast body. The wheelset looks on point along with a plastic rear spoiler with no manufacturing shortcuts.

This regular release Diablo SV comes at a very affordable retail price as well as Tomica will keep making it for a couple of years before it’s retired as compared with the commemorative color version. A definitely not to be missed casting to add on or kickstart your Tomica Premium collection!

Watch the video here.

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    1. Good call. The SV on the side would have shot this right to the top of the must have list…even causing me to overlook its 1/62 scale.

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