Tomica Premium “007” DB5 And “Miami Vice” 365 GTS4 Action-Packed Release

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2020 is a very untimely year to celebrate Tomica 50th Anniversary. For the very first time or perhaps the second they skip their monthly “Red Box” mainline release for the month of June due to the pandemic and thankfully the Premium was released as scheduled with the action-packed movie theme castings.

No.35 Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 is the 2nd casting from Tomica after the very first striking pair of Red Box Vaquish Zagato which was released back in April.

This legendary grand tourer is a quintessential James Bond car which first appeared in the “Gold Finger” film in 1964 and shoot the DB5 to a global limelight. It subsequently continue to appear in Thunderball, Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies and every single Daniel Craig ‘s movie.

Tomica did a fantastic job on replicating this iconic DB5 shrink down to a scale of 1/62 (why not 1?64?) especially the details on the front including a very realistic wheelset in plastic. The casting also has opening door feature that does not compromise its realism with standard factory suspension and accurate body color.

This affordable DB5 is definitely a perfect companion for every James Bond and Tomica fan.

No.36 Ferrari 365 GTS4 With Commemoration Version

The 1972 Ferrari 365 GTS4 Daytona a.k.a Daytona Spyder appears in the early seasons of Miami Vice before it was destroyed by a stinger missile. It was Crockett’s beloved primary mode of transportation throughout the 2 seasons only it was not the real Daytona in real life. The Ferrari was replicated based on a Corvette including dubbing the sound of a genuine Ferrari over scenes in which the car was driving.

The “fake” Daytona garnered so much attention in the first 2 seasons of the show that it caught Enzo Ferrari attention that he offered the latest Testarossa for Season 3 and demanded the “fake” Daytona to be removed.

In the mini car world at the scale of 1/61 Tomica Premium did an impressive job on the body with quality paint work together with plenty of details especially the headlights which is a plus point. What I’m disappointed is the interior of the open-topped Daytona with the lack of details that is very similar to the mainline Red Box and pulled down the premium factor on the casting.

Nevertheless they look great in diecast photography and I believed the pair will be a hit among collectors together with the commemoration version which is also a limited color release in Ferrari signature red body.

Find Tomica Premium Ferrari 365 GTS4 on eBay

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  1. Kinda wish you got the HW DB5 along with this for a comparison.

    Actually no, scratch that. There’s enough convergence between Tomica and HW lately that I reckon you can put two versions of particular cars side-by-side. Now THAT would be something worth seeing and reading.

  2. Beautiful castings but I don’t understand why Tomica can’t make these in true 1/64 scale if they’re not limited to using standard wheels.

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