The latest Tomica Premium Release: Come for the Skylines, stay for the Supra. By Jay Kho.

Our RTE – Resident Tomica Expert – Jay Kho is back with a look at the latest Tomica Premium release, which is available now at Japan Booster.



Another Skyline.  Yes, it’s nice.  But yes, it’s another Nissan Skyline.  (Although thankfully it’s not the new GTR – TLV seems to be pumping those like white on rice.)  I am glad that this new R33 Skyline from Tomica Premium is a replica of the Skyline that is considered by some as one of the worst one.  Fine, but I for one love it!  In fact, I like it more than the R34.  After the successful run of the Nissan R32, people where not so impressed by what became the neglected middle child.



I for one love it!  (If I haven’t said that already.)  This R33 GTR is surely a must in the collection and the model deserves some love out there in the diecast world (Just as it should in real life.)


Japan Booster also sent me this limited edition mall exclusive DR30 Skyline in grey.  I might be a little biased towards the red panda scheme but man this is sweet.  I think the black mesh did it for me.  Awesomeness!

Supra 3

But as great as those are, the best of this bunch is the Toyota, and it’s a beaut!  With the Supra, Tomica Premium just completed my 90’s-Era Japanese dream cars. This Supra is perfect from almost every angle.  Maybe just a tad skinny in my eyes, if I can be perfectly be honest, but the side silhouette is magnificent.  I won’t complain, especially because of the price point on these premium models.  With its prototypical wheels, full on tampo and separate headlights, it is hard to surpass for the price.

Group 4

Thanks to our friends at Japan Booster, who have them in stock, you can take advantage now of the free shipping of $50 or more.  It is hard to stay under $50 when you see all that is in the store.  bwahahaha, you’ve been warned!

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