The Resident Tomica Expert: Tomica Premium on the move…

Jay Kho, Lamley’s RTE (Resident Tomica Expert) is back with another look at some new Tomica, all of which came recently from Japan Booster.

Thanks Jay.

Is it me, or is the Tomica Premium line looking better and better?  I must admit that I was somewhat partial when it came to the old mid-range line of Tomica, but this new line is growing on me rapidly.  

There are some significant differences between the new Tomica Premium and the old Tomica Limited (not to be confused with Tomica Limited Vintage).  It starts with the wheels.  The new line doesn’t  use rubber tires, which in the past were problematic.  In some cases, the old Tomica Limited rubber tires were too big for the models whey sat under.  Better proportioned plastic wheels fit much better, and it makes a huge difference.

And there are other aspects of this new batch that are worth noting.  In this batch they included two of the cars that were highly talked about at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show: the Toyota S-FR and the Nissan IDS concept cars.  If you were lucky enough to go to Tokyo event, you may have been able to purchase these Tomica castings, that came in a pretty, limited package.  

I for one didn’t, and I don’t have them in my collection, but the Auto Show Toyota SF-R was released in yellow, and the Nissan IDS in the same color scheme as this release.  In fact I can’t see any differences.  So I am very happy that Tomica decided to re-release these castings in this line for us to grab.  

Of course, what I am more excited about is that TOYOTA might actually produce this S-FR in there production line.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  A small RWD car that is affordable?  Sign me up!  As for Nissan?  Well, the previous IDX concept car was our hope, but sadly was scrapped months later.  Looking at this new IDS, it’s definitely designed and made as only a concept car (waa waa).  We will wait Nissan…we will wait.  

Another car that was included in my package is a car that we all know here in the states as the Subaru BRZ, or a Scion FR-S, or even the Toyota 86 as it is known on its home turf she is known as Toyota 86.  But this is the new version GRMN that will only be available in Japan in very limited numbers. Yeah it is an 86, but with a few modifications.  This car went on the Jenny Craig diet, pumped a few weights, grew a wing and added zeros for the would-be buyer.  Still a natural aspirated engine, so me no likey, and for the asking price of 6,480,000 yen…well I will let you guys calculate that amount in dollars and then you can get back to me.

Done?  Yes?  LMAO.

But I saved the best for last.  I have been scouring the ads for quite some time now in search of a new daily driver.  My eyes are on the Subaru GC8 or its wide body counterpart, the Impreza 22-B STi.  I am such a huge fan of this car ever since I witnessed it race downhill at Mt. Akina in Japan by none other than Bunta Fujiwara.  Bunta is maybe the most iconic driver of this AWD beast and I have dreamed that one day I would have a chance to ride shotgun in one of his passes down the mountain.  The only issue might be that he is a change smoker – even when driving – so the cabin will for sure be clouded with his nicotine infused smoke, and it would be hard for me to see the road.  Although this would be normal for him, as he normally drives with his eyes close.  In fact, I have never seen the whites of his eyes, ever!  But such a great talent shouldn’t be questioned, as he is known to all true race car enthusiast as being Legen….dary.


Cool cars right?  And I for one am very happy with the much added details in the interior.  Also very impressed with the whole bunch, and I can’t wait for the next batch to come.  And where can you get them you may ask?  Well, you can get them at none other than our friends at Japan Booster  that I use for a wide array of collectables from Japan, even with free shipping over $50.00.  So please take a look, and while you are at it, you will see that they have added a regular Tomica line in there store and you won’t believe the price, in a good way, unlike that Toyota 86GRMN.  LMAO.

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  1. Just wanted to say that Bunta didn't drive a 22B. His was just a “normal” Ver. V Type R with an STi Sport front bumper that looks very similar to the 22B bumper but isn't flared out to accommodate a widebody that the 22B has.

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