Lamley Single File: Tomica Mitsuoka Viewt

Alex Winson uses Lamley Single File to show off a unique little Tomica.

Mail call : Tomica Limited Vintage cool cars with new Honda NSX added to the collection

It's already happening again, and what a joy to see the 15th on the calendar : it means that Tomica Limited Vintage monthly bath of new cars is out, and that Japan Booster will list them (in case you did not preorder) on their eBay store. As usual, I preferred buying them when listed and …

Lamley Daily: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Honda Civic EF9 SiR II Group A (Plain Version – Hong Kong Exclusive)

Model: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Honda Civic EF9 SiR II Group A (plain version) Line: Hong Kong Exclusive Ebay link: Tomica Hong Kong EF9 Sometimes in the diecast world, it's hard to keep up. These days we are more than well served by a myraid of different brands. New releases, teasers, colour changes and more …

Collection Update: A TLV, a Chinese oddity and a Soviet saloon.

The mail call is a bit more of a rarity these days in my household. Bills, mortgage, food. Day to day life means the diecast collecting (especially for the more expensive brands) is sporadic at the very best. But sometimes I have a little bit left over to treat myself and given Tomica just released one of my favourite Kei trucks of all time, I decided now was a good time.