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Preview: Auto World X MiJo Exclusives “Dirty” Ford GT40s

When I sit down to do a blog post I do what a lot of writers will tell you to do. I just start typing. For me, photos are usually done, and I just need to figure out what words to put around them. Since I don’t write as much as I used to, you […]

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MiJo is getting in the Tarmac Works game. Expect some cool stuff.

This should be fun to watch. MiJo Exclusives, a division of diecast wholesaler M&J Toys, just unveiled its next round of releases, and they come from Tarmac Works. If you need context, MiJo contracts with diecast companies and produces its own line of exclusives. We have seen MiJo releases from several brands, including M2, Auto […]

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Auto World, Johnny Lightning, MiJo Exclusives

The JL Datsun 280ZX & Auto World 2017 Mustang MiJo Exclusives are now out at SURPLUSgoodies

Heads up for you Auto World, Johnny Lightning, and MiJo collectors.  The next set of MiJo Exclusives from Round2 are out, and our friends at SURPLUSgoodies have them: MiJo Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies Hard to know which of these two models will interest collectors more.  The Johnny Lightning Datsuns will clearly be of interest, considering they […]

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