Not to be outdone, Auto World x MiJo Exclusives unveil their Gulf Ford GT40

There are a few no-brainers in the car world.  One of them is “everyone loves a Gulf Racing Ford GT40”.

It applies to diecast too.  If a Ford GT40 replica is made, it will eventually go Gulf.  And if a Ford GT40 replica goes Gulf, collectors will buy it.  With that in mind, check this out:

This is the latest Ford GT40 from Auto World, released as a MiJo Exclusive model next month.  And it is in FULL Gulf livery.  The folks at MiJo were nice enough to send over a couple more pics, including the sure-to-be coveted Ultra Red:


They are stunners, and bound to be gobbled up.  And I will be sure to let you know when stores like Lamley Partner SURPLUSgoodies has them.

You might be saying to yourself, “yeah, but Auto World already did Gulf GT40’s.  Weren’t there like 3 released earlier this year?”

Well, yes and no.  Auto World released three “Gulf-inspired” GT40 replicas earlier.  One as a standard release, another as a hobby exclusive, and a third as a MiJo Exclusive.  Here are two, along with the Ultra Red:


The iconic orange and blue are there, but not the Gulf logo.  The upcoming release has the Gulf logo, meaning it is fully licensed.  And therefore a wonderful addition for those collecting the AW GT40 like me, or for others who just want a beautiful 1/64 scale car.

I was planning a full Gulf feature with the release of the Matchbox Gulf GT40, but now I might have to wait a bit.  We’ve got another coming.

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