Preview: Auto World X MiJo Exclusives “Dirty” Ford GT40s

When I sit down to do a blog post I do what a lot of writers will tell you to do. I just start typing. For me, photos are usually done, and I just need to figure out what words to put around them.

Since I don’t write as much as I used to, you be rest assured that the models I took the time to photograph and write about definitely struck something for me, and I was inspired to do so. I can show a lot in a video, but it takes some really special models for me to stop, photograph, and write these days.

These Auto World Ford GT40s definitely inspired me to get to work.

Auto World rolled onto the 1/64 scene a few years ago. They were already doing slot cars, and I think 1/18 scale, but I remember when they’re 1/64 started showing up. I didn’t pay much attention. M2 and Greenlight were doing strictly American cars at the time, and I didn’t pay enough attention to see that Auto World was carving out its own niche as well. Looking back at those early releases, with the collaborations with magazines and other things, it is obvious Auto World was trying to find their footing as well. I remember the Ford GT40s on the pegs, along with some more modern Camaros and Mustangs. I still looked right past them.

It took some wagons to make me notice. Auto World did make me look twice with their land yacht Cadillacs, but their Ford Country Squire and Chevrolet Kingswood Estate models made me actually make a purchase. Classic wagons of that era had been largely ignored in 1/64, and AW’s wagons were a revelation. The rest is a typical diecast story. Open the wagons, figure out how nice the models are, get curious about others, check the web and ebay, buy a few more, yada yada yada you’re hooked.

I’m hooked. There isn’t an Auto World release I miss, and that goes for retail releases, hobby releases, and collaborations with companies like MiJo Exclusives. Of course it helps that Round 2 sends me most, but that was born from them noticing my passion for the brand, and the fact that they like that I like to show them.

After discovering Auto World, it wasn’t long before I was working to backfill some gaps in the collection. I am not too worried about getting all the releases I missed, but there are some that are musts. The GT40 was the first. I now have every release sans the Ultra Red Chases, and seeing them together is a treat. Of course the first thing I did after seeing Ford V Ferrari was get them all out.

But little did I know MiJo Exclusives had collaborated with Auto World to do a trio of Le Mans-inspired models, and the timing was pretty darn good. Three models, with liveries inspired by an early test car, Ken Miles’ racer, and the ultimate first winner for Ford. Sure, this is the MK I model, and the real cars were MK II, but AW worked with what they had, added dust and grime to make them look raced, and created the best release of the GT40 yet.

Being MiJo exclusives, it means these will only be available through hobby dealers, whether brick-and-mortar or most likely online. Shops like Lamley Partner SURPLUSgoodies will have them. Only 2400 were made of each, so they will go fast, but you definitely want to be one of the lucky collectors to have a set.

I don’t have much else to say. These are tributes to significant cars, done beautifully by Auto World. A legendary race car might be on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to a Buick Estate, but both are deserving of being replicated in 1/64. I am glad Auto World is doing both.

Thankfully the world is catching on. It seemed that AW got off to a slow start. Too many models were produced, mixes repeated themselves, and things appeared to go stale. That was a few years ago. Things got tightened up mix-wise, and the brand is on a roll. With their expansion into pickups, and with a big surprise around the corner, more and more folks will notice. Round 2 is giving the brand a lot of attention. These models should push that along just a little faster.

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