Saturday Showcase: MiJo Exclusives JL Toyota Land Cruiser & AW Gulf Ford GT40

Mijo Exclusives is on a tear, with the M2 Auto-Japan Set, and now some beauties from Johnny Lightning and Auto World.  Here is as look, along with a walk-through some Gulf GT40’s and all the Auto World releases.

These are available how at SURPLUSgoodies, and by golly they are worth it:

SURPLUSgoodies on ebay

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  1. I can’t wait! Does anyone know for sure if there will be an Ultra Raw of this GT40? I’m itching for it and ready if so! This is my favorite livery for the GT40. It’s based on the one that Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver won LeMans with in 1969. That car was a Mirage body (like the Kyosho) and not a Mk1 (like the AW), but they are close enough body styles that any GT40 with that livery is one I can appreciate.

  2. Gulf,… the company I work for does convenience store renovations and we do Gulf stations. At the recent training class, our boss was given the Gulf RLC Kafer racer. And apparently, they gave out several that day. So it sits in his office. My office buddy & I list over it. Boss is NOT a car guy. But we did tell him what that little car was worth. After he said we couldn’t have it. Now we really can’t have it. But we can visit it.

    I do have a nice 1/43 Gulf GT 40, the 1/18 Jouef, and the Beanstalk 1/18 GT. Something about that iconic orange and blue…Obviously the makers love it too because they make a LOT of orange and blue cars.

  3. I’ll be the first to comment on the Land Cruiser – it looks fantastic. I’m not much for buying online unless I absolutely have to. Any idea on retail pricing and where availability will be? TRU?

    1. These are all MiJo exclusives, which means they pretty much will only be available online. Price I would imagine varies based on the seller, but somewhere around $8 each is pretty typical.

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