The JL Datsun 280ZX & Auto World 2017 Mustang MiJo Exclusives are now out at SURPLUSgoodies

Heads up for you Auto World, Johnny Lightning, and MiJo collectors.  The next set of MiJo Exclusives from Round2 are out, and our friends at SURPLUSgoodies have them:

MiJo Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies


Hard to know which of these two models will interest collectors more.  The Johnny Lightning Datsuns will clearly be of interest, considering they are Datsuns.  For me, it is the Mustangs I have my eyes on.  I will collect anything Auto World, and these are gorgeous.

You decide what you want, and head to SURPLUSgoodies:

MiJo Exclusives at SURPLUSgoodies

6 Replies to “The JL Datsun 280ZX & Auto World 2017 Mustang MiJo Exclusives are now out at SURPLUSgoodies”

  1. These look great. I do have ONE gripe about AutoWorld (and it’s literally the only one, because AW is great). I really wish they’d do more detailed headlights. A swath of silver paint seems pretty glaring on a premium release, especially considering the awesome detail of the rest of the vehicle.

  2. That’s an S130/280ZX, not an S30/280Z, for what it’s worth. The 280Z is a USDM only car, the rest of the world didn’t get the L28 until the S130. No one has done a 280Z yet, only 280ZXes.

  3. I never would have considered an AW 2015+ Mustang before this, but those racers look really authentic. Only thing better is if they would tweak the casting for a Shelby GT350/R… The Johnny Datsuns look very nice too, with the kind of detailing that JL built their reputation on in the 90’s/2000’s.

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