MiJo is getting in the Tarmac Works game. Expect some cool stuff.

This should be fun to watch. MiJo Exclusives, a division of diecast wholesaler M&J Toys, just unveiled its next round of releases, and they come from Tarmac Works.

If you need context, MiJo contracts with diecast companies and produces its own line of exclusives. We have seen MiJo releases from several brands, including M2, Auto World, Greenlight, Johnny Lightning, and MiniGT. The models are always premium, and definitely unique. For example, the first Auto World Ford GT40 to sport a licensed Gulf livery was a MiJo exclusive. MiJo contracts with the diecast maker, has the models made, and distributes them to hobby sellers. SURPLUSgoodies, a Lamley Partner, is one of them.

So it is not surprising that MiJo is partnering with Tarmac Works, which continues to create a larger and larger presence in diecast. The first two are from the Global64 line, and are gorgeous TW Lamborghinis:

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This color scheme is 🔥 post 2 of 2

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They are super cool, and are coming soon to a hobby dealer near you (or a click away). Hopefully this is the first of several, and TW and MiJo makes a ton of sense.

Of course I’ll plug SURPLUSgoodies as a good source for both MiJo Exclusives from all brands AND Tarmac Works. Bookmark their store if you can, and be sure to check back often as the Tarmac Works models are always rolling in (including the Ignition 64 and some older TW stock.

Tarmac Works at SURPLUSgoodies

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