Wrapping my head around all the Auto World Squarebodies of 2020

2020 is the year of many things. Most of which have been unpleasant. Although maybe not important in the grand scheme of things, 2020 has actually been a great year so far for diecast collectors. There has been a non-stop stream of cool new things to tempt you into adding more and more to your collection. But is it too much too fast? We have asked that question before with all of the RWB Porsches and Liberty Walk releases that have come out and now we’re asking it again with Chevy square body trucks. I am focusing on Auto World because when it comes to my personal collection, the brand is my main squeeze. M2 Machines has been releasing a lot of Chevys as well but would be a whole other feature.

Chevy square bodies are undeniably popular in the 1/64 scale diecast scene, and Round2 with some help from a few hobby dealers has been serving up releases of the popular Auto World tooling at breakneck speed.

The tooling has likely been the most anticipated and most popular to come from Auto World ever. It also has become the most produced in the brand’s history. It was used in two releases in its debut year. 2019 Release 2 had four trucks and 2019 Release 4 had two trucks. In addition to that, there was a CS Customs/Jcar Diecast pair of exclusives. So including the version A’s, B’s, and the Ultra Reds that makes 12 different versions of the Chevy to add to the collection for 2019. Even if you leave out the chases it is still 8 trucks to collect.

But that’s nothing when we start to see what is happening in 2020.

So let’s look at all of the variations of this casting that have come out so far this year and also what has been (as of now) announced as releasing before the year’s end.

Auto World 2020 Release 1 – Versions A and B

Starting with what we will call “official” Auto World releases, the truck is making an appearance in every release planned for the year. There will be five releases and an Auto World store exclusive this year so that means there will be 11 variations to collect plus 6 Ultra Reds (if the AW store exclusive has a chase version).

The first release features two Fleetside (version A and version B) trucks that are each limited to 11,020 pieces. The Ultra Red chase is likely limited to 660 as generally Ultra Reds are limited to 3% of the entire production run (11,020 x 2 x 0.03 = 661.2).

The release features paint schemes that replicate some very rare versions of the real C10 pickup. The Ultra Red, aside from the signature chase paint color, carries the traits of the version A truck. It also has a white interior and an Ultra Red painted base.

Find Auto World 2020 Release 1 on eBay or check out an unboxing of 2020 Release 1 on my YouTube Channel

Auto World 2020 Release 1 – Versions A , B, and Ultra Red
Auto World 2020 Release 2 – Versions A and B

The second “official” Auto World Release for 2020 hit stores around June as I recall. It, like the first release, has two Fleetsides and a chase variant. However, the trucks are 1977’s and feature a tooling variation of the front grill.

This time the version A and B trucks are each limited to 10,808 pieces meaning the chase is likely limited to 648 pieces.

Auto World 2020 Release 2 – Versions A and B

Both A and B trucks look great. The version B truck with its red iridescent paint color could easily be mistaken as an Ultra Red by a novice collector. However, the dead giveaway for this release is that the Ultra Red chases have white painted bases. Also, the chase takes traits from the version A truck with its cream-colored hood, roof, and sides.

As of writing this, I am still on the lookout for the chase of this one as I have yet to add it to the collection. So I had to pull an image from eBay.

Find Auto World 2020 Release 2 on eBay or check out an unboxing of 2020 Release 2 on my YouTube Channel

Auto World 2020 Release 2 – Ultra Red (image source: eBay)

The third release from Auto World is coming out as we speak. It has shown up at some hobby dealers already and some Ultra Reds are already appearing on eBay. John also already previewed it on the Lamley Group YouTube channel.

This release looks really cool because it is the first release of this truck with a lifted stance. It is obvious that Round2 is assuming these will be a hit by how many of each truck has been produced. Oddly though, it is the first time that I recall there being more produced of the version A than the version B (18,808 and 15,808 respectively).

If we use the same math as we usually do when calculating the number of reds there will be over 1,000 chases of this truck. From the image posted to Round2’s Flickr account, it looks like the Ultra Reds will have the traits of the version A vehicles and will have white tires.

Find 2020 Release 3 on eBay.

Auto World Store Exclusive (Photo by jtl46)

Next to come for official releases is this Auto World Store exclusive. This truck looks just like the 2020 Release 3 version A truck but with an added Auto World logo on the sides. It is also very limited to only 768 pieces. Auto World was taking pre-orders for this truck but as of the time I am writing this, they are sold out.

I am not sure if there will be an Ultra Red or Ultra Raw of this release to try to attain but if there is they will be tough to add to the collection.

Auto World Store Exclusive (Photo by jtl46)

There are two more official releases to go for the year. Here is a look at 2020 Release 4.

I do not know how many will be produced of any of the models in the series but this set is going to be a banger. Aside from the popular Chevy truck we all know and love, there is a brand new Dodge Challenger tooling as well as the highly collected Mach 1. Oh yeah, and a Cadillac. This set is loaded.

From the pictures available, it looks like the Ultra Reds will have white tires, red rims, and something so far never done as an Ultra Red trait…. red tinted windows. It also appears that the reds will have the version A vehicle deco.

Ok here is the last “official release.” 2020 Release 5 is no slouch either. The trucks in this set are both stepsides and they are on the lifted base. They both also debut the brush guard that was tooled for these trucks. Like series 4 the trucks will have some cars to compete with in popularity. Most notable is the introduction of the brand new Dodge Stealth tooling. Also, there is a new Cadillac Eldorado tooling in there.

Again not sure when exactly these will be out or what the production numbers will be. From the photos, it looks like the chases will have white tires and a white base in addition to the signature Ultra Red color.

Ok, that is a lot to collect already but here is where it really gets nutty (and expensive).

Now we move on to “Hobby Exclusive” releases. These are factory produced releases that are commissioned by a hobby dealer. These tend to be much more limited in production. That means the chases are also more limited. And, because the chases can’t be found by any random diecast collector at the local Walmart means often the only way to get them is to shell out some cash.

Before we go on, let me tell you, up until now I would consider myself an Auto World completionist when it comes to everything but the near-impossible Ultra Raws. The number of hobby releases of this truck coming out are really testing me. Mainly because the prices of the chases are going to be most often out of my reach and that is assuming I would even get the chance to purchase them.

Let’s take a look….

2020 MiJo Exclusive Fleetside

At the beginning of 2020, there was a pair of MIJO exclusive releases. We got a Fleetside limited to 3600 and a Stepside limited to 2400. These are both fine releases. The fleetside is a really nice green color and the stepside is black with a really nice looking simulated wood deco in the bed.

Both of these have their own respective chases. The chases have red tires and red bases. I was lucky enough to grab the fleetside Ultra Red at a decent price but the hunt goes on for the stepside. In fact, I had trouble even finding a photo of it which is why there is not one pictured here.

2020 MiJo Exclusive Stepside
CSCustoms/House of Cars/Weekend of Wheels.

After a long hiatus of hobby releases the next to come was this pair of CS Customs/House of Cars exclusives that were produced for the Weekend of Wheels event. These arrived in July. Both versions look pretty rad and are fleetsides with a lowered base.

These are very limited being that only 1248 of each version were produced. The chase is extremely limited. There are only 52 pieces of this Ultra Red and I am lucky to own one of them. You can check out the story of how I got the chase and watch me open it here.

Find these Weekend of Wheels trucks on eBay

And then there were these. This is a CS Customs release. There are two versions of this two-pack of trucks that come with a trailer. One is the regular release which is limited to 2016 pieces and the other is the CPCC (Central Pennsylvania Collector Con) version which is limited to only 504 pieces. And of course, both versions have their own Ultra Red chases.

This is where my Auto World completionism has started to crumble… the non-chases are pricey but they are affordable. The regular version is $30 and the CPCC version is $45. The chases are going to be tough to check off the list. As of now, I have only seen them on eBay and they are going for well beyond what I am willing to pay. While looking at sold listings, a chase of the CPCC version sold for over $400.

For a closer look at one of these I made a video of opening one on YouTube.

Now we are back to MiJo with another pair of releases. This time they are both limited to 4800 pieces. These should be pretty easy to get a hold of as they are not limited to a scary low number. This also means that the chases may not be that difficult to find (they are still going to be expensive).

One gets a Sunoco livery. The other gets the often favorited Gulf livery. These both will have their own chases so that is two more reds to check off the list for the Auto World completionist. So far I have not seen any images of the Ultra Reds so I am not sure what they will look like but personally I just hope they have black tires.

Find these MiJo Exclusives on eBay.

Jcar diecast showed some sneaks of his upcoming exclusive release on his Instagram. We get some more Gulf action with this release. It looks like it will come both with and without Gulf logos. The chase looks like it will have the Gulf logos and also have white tires. The versions appear to be limited to 2496 pieces each by what is printed on the card art example. Be on the lookout for these to come soon.

Mg Minis Exclusive (image source Mg Minis on Facebook)

Mg Minis adds to the hobby exclusive release list with two interesting mash-ups. From what I understand the first to come out will be the Speed Racer release. This release will have two versions: one rusty and one clean. Both will be limited to 1248 pieces. There also will be an Ultra Red that will be very limited production. The Ultra Red will have the rusty deco and will have white tires.

For the second release from Mg Minis, all we have so far as an image showing a rendering of what the truck will look like. There is quite a bit of info on it though. Notice how it states it will be a Johnny Lightning and Auto World Truck Two-Pack? I am not sure what the other truck will look like but the Auto World will have a US Air Force NASCAR livery. It also appears that this set will be limited to 2016 pieces. It is also possible that this will be packaged like the CS Customs two pack and have two Auto World trucks meaning that the Johnny Lighting component may be a flatbed trailer.

Mg Minis Exclusive (image source: Mg Minis on Facebook)
SURPLUSgoodies/awcollector.com Exclusive (image provided by Jimmy Vicino)

This next one might be my favorite of the exclusives and it comes as a collaboration from SURPLUSgoodies and awcollector.com. It is titled “Mississippi Barn Finds” and is a set of two trucks both limited to 1248 pieces. Of course, there is also an Ultra Red limited which is very limited (52 pieces).

One version of the truck is a barn find style complete with a rusty deco and the other is a fully restored version. The chase looks absolutely killer as it has the rusty look and doesn’t have any odd colored tires. This release is more up my alley for my style of collecting as the trucks are a stock color without extra deco. If I am picking and choosing which chases to get this will be at the top of my list.

SURPLUSgoodies/awcollector.com Exclusive (image provided by Jimmy Vicino)

Finally we are at the end… at least I thought I was until a friend sent me the image below…

Ok, what the hell is this? Well upon further investigation it is more hobby exclusive trucks planned for 2020 and beyond. 1Stopdiecast is planning on releasing one truck a month… for 12 months! And, each of these will have a chase version. The trucks will cost roughly 20 bucks each and will be limited to 2496 pieces. The chases will be limited to 104. That is a lot to collect and if you are going after all of the chases, good luck.

Alright so now we are at the end… at least I think we are as that could change before or shortly after I publish this.

Let’s crunch the numbers:
Official Releases: 11 plus 6 Ultra Reds = 17 trucks
Hobby Exclusives not counting the 1Stopdiecast announcement and assuming that the two-pack from MG Minis is only one Auto World: 15 plus 11 Ultra Reds = 26 trucks
Total: 26 plus 17 Ultra Reds = 43 trucks to collect!

That is an insane amount of releases to get your hands on. Is it too much? I’ll leave that up to you but as far as I am concerned that is a solid maybe. The 26 non-chase releases I know I’ll end up getting but the realization has set in that I am definitely going to have to pick and choose when it comes to the reds. I will for sure go after the chases in the official releases as they will be much easier to attain than the hobby exclusive ones. When it comes to the hobby exclusives they are going to be expensive on their own let alone going after the reds. Yeah, I could just throw cash at the problem but I don’t think a second mortgage on my house and a divorce would be in my best interest.

But who knows? I might get lucky and find a deal on some of them here and there if I am patient enough. Also, don’t get me wrong… not a single one of these will not be a hit and I am happy Auto World and Hobby dealers are finding success with this casting. I am just a little overwhelmed at the moment.

I would love to hear what the Lamley reader community is thinking about all of these releases and will be watching the comments both on here and the Lamley Facebook page.

Thanks for reading. Hit me up on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more Auto World content.

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  1. nice write up championdjk! wow! even 11+15 = 26 non chase releases to be collected feels a little overwhelming… but your article has great detail and can be as anyone’s cheat sheet in completing their collection! keep them coming!

  2. As much I like the square bodies it’s over kill on this model I’m sticking with just the autoworld releases in the stores

  3. WOW Thank you for the nice write up and Kind words. We have 12 trucks planned for Race Legends Support Series 1. The first two announced (painted Samples next week) and the third to be announced soon and should really set the tone for the rest of the releases. Every Release will be limited to 2496 and every case will have 1 Super Red in it so if you order a case of 24 you are Guaranteed a Super Red Chase at regular price. Thank You agaon and next time send me an email and I will get you some graphics. – Fred 1 Stop Diecast

  4. Awesome article. I love these trucks but I’m not going to try and getting them. I found one. That makes me happy. Thank you for being a Autoworld expert.

  5. Super nice Auto World stuff to collect. Thank you for all the information you provide. I read most off what you post here at this site, I appreciate your knowledge on the Auto World castings and more,

  6. Great writeup! The Scottsdale Sport from Release 4 (red and black) is a knockout when seen from the top–the hood really completes the look. It looked kinda lame on the turntable in John’s video.

  7. Two more Mijo Exclusives for the end of 2020:
    1978 Chevy Cheyenne 10 Rat Rod (red)
    1978 Chevy Cheyenne 10 Rat Rod (rust red)
    The rust red is particularly stunning with white wall tires.

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